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  1. Add one more to the "I can't drink anymore because of medical crap" list lmao. I drank waaay too much in my early 20s though, so it's for the best. I have invasive fungal sinusitis, which technically has no cure. It's managed (after you have surgery) by healthy living and not doing anything that upsets your sinuses. My ENT told me, "Alcohol upsets the sinuses. Stop drinking." So now I don't drink lol. I'll tell you this though, it's kind of funny how some friends will actually get ANGRY at you for not drinking. Like, YOU can still drink just because I'm not... lol. Anyway, I digress. xD

  2. Just another "my server has X price" input:

    Currently, on IS-A, omegas go for around 100m and temperings for around 90m -- this is BEFORE/AFTER the current events. Naturally, they are a bit cheaper right now due to being common event drops.

    As of right now, Israphel Elyos definitely outnumber Asmos. However, maybe that will change in a couple days when we get new Tiamat and Kahrun family members. :)

  3. So the game requires you to validate your IP when you start playing it. If you have the same IP all the time, you only have to validate it from your email one time. If you have a constantly-changing IP from using a VPN or any other reason, you will have to validate every single time you try to log into the game.

    There's your background info on the error itself -- although it's not truly an error. As to how to resolve it, you will need to log into your email and click the validation link. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder and/or make sure you're checking the correct email (that is registered to your Aion account). Sometimes I forget to turn off my VPN before I load up Aion and have to go through this validation process; I've never NOT received the email. So if you're not getting the email, there's an issue with that.

  4. 15 hours ago, Trexon-SL said:


    Could you expand on this please?  

    My line of thinking was exactly as Kiatra's reply above. As Aeve said, it's not impossible to do it with an all magic crew, but some instances are just made easier if you also have a physical. In the end though, this is a game and games should only be played if you find them fun -- so your friend should pick whichever class he/she will find to be the most fun. :)

  5. It's kind of my thinking that the extra 6 (that you cannot turn in) are kind of "back-ups" -- like, if there's one day that you can only log in for 20 minutes because of work or other real life obligations, well hey, you have those 6 back-up charms. So you can still turn in your quest for that day.

  6. 16 hours ago, NotAKorean-SL said:

    It's 10 boxes per day.

    But, as I said before, this event is indeed terrible. Gave it a chance and farmed out the daily boxes. Got wing marks, one supplement bag, and the equivalent of 2 spinels. Won't be doing that anymore.

    I got an omega and a tempering yesterday. The possibility is there. Just gotta pray to RNGesus.

  7. Here's another macro I've found helpful for chanters, thought I'd share.

    Purpose: Applies Blessing of Stone buff to all group members with just one click. (Could be revised to apply the Protectorate's Prayer buff if you don't have BoS.)

    Limitations: 1. Group members must be within the 25m range required by the skill; it will miss any group members out of range, but will still continue the macro. 2. It only applies to your actual group, so if you’re the only chanter in an alliance, you will have to actually select the other group(s)’ members to apply their buffs.

    Blessing of Stone only lasts 30 minutes, but many instances take longer than that to complete. So I will sometimes find myself in the middle of dpsing or healing and realize some of the group members' BoS buffs have timed out and have to stop to re-apply buffs. This is much faster as it just takes one click.

    Macro text:

    /Select Vantheria
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group1]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group2]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group3]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group4]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group5]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone

  8. 12 hours ago, Trexon-SL said:

    We are pretty set on Songweaver/Cleric but the third person is willing to play anything.

     - Just a suggestion, but your friend might want to play a physical dps or tank class.

    We have the prestige package.  Are the items you get from the supervisor a one time only thing? Want to make sure we take it on the right character.  

    - If you're talking about the once-a-month special item chest, then yes, you only get it once that month and you can only use it on the character to which you applied the code. That said, some of the items you may get INSIDE the chest are account tradeable.

    Are there any Must buy items off the Market that just makes life easier that has come out since level 65?

    - Not sure about necessarily buying anything, but I'd say things to hold onto (if you get them) are omegas, temperings, greater mythic supplements, spinel medals, fragmented spinels, Berdin's lucky stars, etc. Anything that increases your gear or EXP gain since leveling from 66-75 is a grindfest.

    How is the endgame pve/pvp doing?  Are there raids/dungeons that are worth farming?  Is there good server pvp...or hopefully good outlook when the server merges?  We are looking for a game for atleast a year while we wait for a couple games (Pantheon/Ashes of Creation).

    - This varies based on people's opinions on what "good" pvp is. I'm more of a pve queen anyway, so I won't comment on it. When you get to level 66, you can do Adma and Theo fairly easily. Make sure you do your daily Lunas as those give rewards, good crafting, lots of EXP (on par with Fissure of Oblivion), and sometimes omegas and temperings. Once you get to around 68-69 (depending on class), you can start doing Archives of Eternity. That gives greater mythic supplements which you'll need to guarantee 100% success on your omega enchantments. It also gives gear that you can disenchant for chronos stones or sell on the broker.

    My friend has to level up to catch up to us.  With the help of some 65's any super easy ways to boost that process...not that it seems hard anymore they streamed-line a lot it seems.

    - I leveled a toon from 1-53 in about 8 hours. Leveling is super fast now, especially with the crazy strong gear you get at level 10 and then again at level 55. Granted, that was with a 100% EXP server buff. However, low levels get EXP boost amulets several times throughout the leveling process; be sure to go to Panda/Sanctum every 5 levels (or just switch to standard server in the Fortress cities of Beluslan, etc) to grab your pink quests from the angels. Those award lots of free stuff that can be used or sold.

    Lastly, anything else I should know?  Like quest I should being doing daily no matter what or something that requires farming that I need to start right away?

    - Do your Lunas every day/week. They are the quests you get from the little pink moon near your skill bar if you aren't sure what that is. If you're 66+, do your daily Fissure of Oblivion too -- even if it's just killing the three fatties.


  9. Support tells everyone it's on their end. That's just their line lol. Also, for the past two weeks, we have been forced onto 32bit client by NCsoft due to issues with SFT. We will be back to 64bit today once maintenance is over, so try playing again and see if you have an improved experience. We've all been lagging severely on 32bit for the past two weeks.

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