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  1. 39 minutes ago, Gabe-TM said:

    you can have it up till you get to the fort but once you get there, your better off swapping wind out for revival.

    That is what I do.

    Landing flight buff goes away when you die. Not sure about other servers, but there are a lot of deaths on IS-A. (We have less than 100 people at siege usually.) Very few people still have the flight buff at the end of siege, and a lot of people seem to forget to buy their wind serums lol. So when their wings get clipped by mobs, they fall and then get jumped on by 20 mobs.

  2. 8 hours ago, Rinkusan-SL said:

    My advice: switch between your mace and staff. Switch between healing and dpsing. Do all this in support spec. Be flexible for your group instead of specializing in one task that your class isn't known for. You don't need a high-end shield to do all of this. 

    This has always been my opinion on the class too. We're given a hybrid assortment of skills for a reason. Personally, I like to run a 72% support/28% DPS stigma set-up, put my essence into precision and power, and then socket mostly precision and power. I put health in my mace, and my shield has healing boost stones. I feel like I do all right both solo and in group settings with this set-up.

    On the topic of shields, I have the mythic blood medal shield. It's only a so-so shield at first glance, BUT here are the reasons I like it (only for PVP support; I have Apollon shield for PVE support):

    1. It's so easy/cheap to obtain. Maybe not in levels 66-68, but past that, we all get so many blood marks and blood medals.

    2. It doesn't break! Hallelujah. Most of us have a ton of those black enchantment stones just sitting in our inventory because we're too scared to use them on our good, breakable archdaeva gear. So I just dropped those black stones into this shield. Fail? No biggie. It will drop one level, but it won't break. So eventually you can get it enchanted up into a very workable shield.

    3. It takes ancient manastones, so I was able to use the healing boost stones in it.

  3. So I had this issue yesterday, and here is how I fixed it (found from an old thread on the old forums):

    Close your Aion client if it's still running.

    Go to your Aion folder (default for me was: C: > Program Files (x86) > NCSOFT > Aion) and delete the file system.cfg.

    Restart your Aion client. It will look for this file. When it cannot find it, it will create a new default system.cfg. What that means is that when the game starts up, it will have the default settings on the Graphics tab in Options. So you will need to reconfigure your graphics settings to whatever you had them before.

    Very easy fix though!

  4. 53 minutes ago, KongOfDong-SL said:

    Then, they make the instance with the best experience an instance where you play by yourself and don't even play as your char (FoO),


    just showing how bad the p2w has become.

    I wanted to gear up to take advantage of the event because that's the fastest way before it becomes ridiculous to get omegas/temperings


    You're the only person I've ever seen say he/she likes FoO lol. Or maybe I've misunderstood and you actually hate it, but just do it for XP (like the rest of us).

    Also, you don't like the P2W, but you're ok with getting omegas/temperings from events? Kind of contradictory, yes?

    I agree that Aion is imperfect; it definitely has its flaws. However, the past month's events have been very good and non-P2W--discounting the current sendlogging in SFT, of course. They've been a big step up in Aion-world.

  5. Us when we're 90 and in a nursing home: Yes, I once played a game a long time ago. It was great fun, but it crashed constantly.

    Great grandchildren: Why did you keep playing?

    Us: Because I was young and stupid then...

    Seriously, please, NCsoft, fix the sendlog issue! And not just in SFT -- it happens anywhere!

  6. On 9/19/2017 at 11:22 PM, Cheesecake-IS said:

    the disastrous St Patty's Day Massacre in 2010

    This is, perhaps, the wrong thread for this, but I've seen this referenced a few times over the past year and I just really want to know what happened lol.

  7. 4 hours ago, NukeYou-KR said:

    actually the P.Def and Strike Fortitude you get from Shield Mantra won't help you, neither in PVE or PVP. This mantra is useless most of time. I woudn't recommend using it instead of Revival, except, like Bryos said, to help people who have specific sets, like BLOCK and (hummm) Evasion.

    Good to know, thank you!

  8. 29 minutes ago, Bryos-TM said:

    Wind mantra in Reshanta is a no brainer. :P

    Well, that's what I thought too, but then I saw the other chanter with celerity and was like ???? am I missing something here? lol Must have just not been paying attention to what he/she had on.

    Good point on IDL/celerity. Will keep that in mind.

  9. I was in UA siege last night and was in a group with another chanter. This other chanter had on celerity, and it confused the heck out of me. There's no running involved, so why? I thought maybe there was a legitimate reason to have celerity on while flying and I just don't know about it lol. But anyway, it got me wondering what combinations chanters like to use for various things? I'd like to read other people's ideas.

    I pretty much always have on Invincibility live_ch_chant_invincible_g1.png and Hit live_ch_chant_improvedcritical_g1.png. For my third mantra, I mix it up depending on the situation.

    For UA siege/flying, I like to use Wind ch_chant_windywings_g1.png as it's good for moving quickly and also helps to restore flight time when your wings get clipped.

    For PVP, I like Celerity cbt_ch_chant_improvedmove_g1.png because it's always good to be faster than your opponents -- either to catch them or run from them. :D

    For PVE, I use Revival cbt_ch_chant_regeneration_g1.png when the group is doing good/okay. If we're getting pounded and struggling to keep up with heals, I may switch to Shield cbt_ch_chant_improveddefend_g1.png to help buffer up our defenses.

  10. Someone in my legion asked us to help because he/she was having difficulties soloing Fallen Poeta. I checked his/her level: 68. I gently said, "If you ARE using the glide hack, I hope you would stop as I wouldn't want to see you get banned." He/she just said "ok," so I took that to mean that the hack was, indeed, being exploited. But y i k e s. More people are using it than I thought.

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