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  1. ^ A+++++++

    Even if something happens and you know for a FACT that it is one specific person's fault, do not call them out on it. It won't change the past; the mistake has already happened. Chances are, the person realizes it and already feels bad about it. If you don't think they realize and are afraid they might do it again (if it's a more-than-once possibility thing), you can KINDLY point it out. "Not sure if you know, but you have to back away from Kromede during her skills. :)" "If you can, please don't afk so we have a chance at winning. :)" Show you're not mad. I add a smiley face to pretty much everything I say, so that people realize I'm just trying to help.

    As mentioned above, it's just a game. Yes, afkers suck when it hurts the whole group, but you stressing yourself out is not going to change it. It will just make you unhappy. NCsoft has already stated they will not ban afk players since they switched to free-to-play years ago. This is just the way the game is run.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Gabe-TM said:

    you can have it up till you get to the fort but once you get there, your better off swapping wind out for revival.

    That is what I do.

    Landing flight buff goes away when you die. Not sure about other servers, but there are a lot of deaths on IS-A. (We have less than 100 people at siege usually.) Very few people still have the flight buff at the end of siege, and a lot of people seem to forget to buy their wind serums lol. So when their wings get clipped by mobs, they fall and then get jumped on by 20 mobs.

  3. 8 hours ago, Rinkusan-SL said:

    My advice: switch between your mace and staff. Switch between healing and dpsing. Do all this in support spec. Be flexible for your group instead of specializing in one task that your class isn't known for. You don't need a high-end shield to do all of this. 

    This has always been my opinion on the class too. We're given a hybrid assortment of skills for a reason. Personally, I like to run a 72% support/28% DPS stigma set-up, put my essence into precision and power, and then socket mostly precision and power. I put health in my mace, and my shield has healing boost stones. I feel like I do all right both solo and in group settings with this set-up.

    On the topic of shields, I have the mythic blood medal shield. It's only a so-so shield at first glance, BUT here are the reasons I like it (only for PVP support; I have Apollon shield for PVE support):

    1. It's so easy/cheap to obtain. Maybe not in levels 66-68, but past that, we all get so many blood marks and blood medals.

    2. It doesn't break! Hallelujah. Most of us have a ton of those black enchantment stones just sitting in our inventory because we're too scared to use them on our good, breakable archdaeva gear. So I just dropped those black stones into this shield. Fail? No biggie. It will drop one level, but it won't break. So eventually you can get it enchanted up into a very workable shield.

    3. It takes ancient manastones, so I was able to use the healing boost stones in it.

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