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  1. You can't technically get rid of it, BUT you can move it out of the way and then set your chat windows to locked. This will effectively make the world chat window disappear unless you hover your mouse over it. So, I threw mine in the bottom right corner, somewhere I very rarely ever put my mouse so I never see it.

  2. Dredgion Defense is a level 66+ massive instance every Sunday at 6:00pm server time for Pandaemonium/Sanctum. You queue up by clicking the little cave icon by your skill bars. The instance accepts hundreds of people, so it's a bit chaotic, but I actually really like it; it's one of my favorite things to do in Aion. As for gear, it delivers Frigida equipment -- regular (orange/eternal), Pure (purple/mythic), and Sophisticated (purple/mythic best). Obviously, the chances for getting Pure or Sophisticated are much slimmer than getting a regular Frigida orange drop, BUT one week I managed to get TWO Pure staffs somehow. Then, of course, I got eternal boots the next three weeks in a row lol. But anyway, the chance is there. You can also get a manastone (+ will vary; you might crap out with a +3 or you might get lucky and snag a +8 or something). The instance will also award a few crafting materials to upgrade your Frigida gear or to sell on the broker. (Sorry if I'm dumbing this down too much, just trying to be as descriptive as possible lol.)

  3. * watches it fall into the support abyss and never get fixed *

    (refers to the NPC Hinshada who appears at Levinshor to allow you to buy greater supps using blood marks; she hasn't reset for me for weeks)

    I mean, am I misunderstanding how she works? You can buy 5 sets of supps from her per week and it resets on Wednesday. This is how other people have told me it works. Is that correct?


  4. 27 minutes ago, LittleSpoon-SL said:

    Trust me it took me awhile to uninstall the game but it has been the best thing I have done since I installed the game. Aion is a great game, loved the way the game was, but watching y'all sit here and complain makes me laugh.

    What. You're laughing at US complaining when we actually play the game, but you're taking time to post on a forum for a game you don't even play anymore.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Ceylin-SL said:

    I'm a bit confused, when you say that the Code Red NPC's will be giving more relevant items, are you referring to the 2 daily quests for potions and a prescription bundle? Maybe i'm wrong, but I don't see a difference...? It's still major potions... and the scrolls are still giving the lower amount, for example 90 crit points. What exactly is the change?

    It was my understanding that the "downtime this week to fix the items" would occur later in the week, not today. I may be wrong though.

    EDIT: Bryos posted right as I did. I'm not trying to repeat like a moron hahaha.

  6. So I have a bunch of old Conqueror's Marks that I want to spend. I guess you can buy Vanquisher's Boxes and hope for armor. The armor is outdated, but I may want to use for skins. Anyway, where do you spend these? Google tells me there was an NPC in Katalam, but obviously, that's not gonna work anymore lol. Is there anywhere you can still spend these Marks?

  7. 15 minutes ago, Etnaa-TM said:

    what about if you just move them to a server where hacks are ok? a  hacker only server so they still pay and play the way they want


    Because that's not the way they want to play. Hackers hack because they want to feel superior to other players. There is something missing in their real, offline lives, so they try to compensate by being "better" than everyone else on silly games. A hacker will not want to move to a server with other hackers because that would put them all on equal footing. "It's not about what they want; move them anyway!" you might say. Well, then you have hackers trying to hide hacks, making new accounts, etc. It's a never-ending cycle.

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