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  1. The campaign/yellow quests are triggered by level. They automatically pop up once you hit that level. The first one is at level 45 though, so I'm not sure why you're not seeing it. It's given by Phyper in Baltasar Hill Village over in Brusthonin, if google is correct (and it sounds right by memory). You might try to go there and see if it pops up for you?

  2. C'mon now, I gotta read enough about Ethans in LFG every night. Don't bring it hereeeeeee! xD

    Peeve: Trying to find corporate housing in Hawaii. We have the ghetto (Waianae) for $1000/mo where you may get stabbed every day or relative safety (Kapolei) where you pay $4000/mo. Nyerk Hawaii! >:(

  3. I think it's worth it, but then I still really like the game sooo... lol. I have the $15/mo to spend, so I spend it. It's not an amazing pack though, so if money is tight or you don't play the game that much anymore, it may not be worth it to you.

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