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  1. My ping was even worse than usual yesterday. It's been bad ever since they moved the servers, but yeah. I was in Timeless Terrace with 500+ ping. Obviously that's terrible, but I was able to slowly kill mobs. But pvping? Naaaah impossible with that ping. There was an SM that attacked me, and I was resisting like 25% of their skills, but I still had to watch myself slowly die because my skills were so delayed with my ping. Feelsbadman.jpg 😂 I feel so excited when my ping is only 100... which sucks considering my ping used to be 20.

  2. On 12/19/2020 at 5:15 PM, 5s110F7C-DN said:

    Can we please add an additional warning tab if you guys are going to charge 160 luna to enter a new run? If you were to re-enter cubics or minion vault you would see a new tab asking if you would do a new run or a old instance, can we do something similar?

    I have accidentally spent 160 Luna re-entering more than once. Feels so bad lmao.

  3. Sorry, but that's not very helpful lol. Do you mean you don't know how to kill a Deathsong mob? Or you're literally stuck near a Deathsong mob and cannot move your character? You have to be specific or we have no clue what you're talking about.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Lapis-DN said:

    just make all the rewards one-time/account and put the 1 limit so everybody can get one.


    Honestly this would be the easiest and would work just fine. The competition would be less and less as the days passed, so people with high ping would have a chance after a couple weeks.

  5. Love a positive thread. :)

    Daeva Dash

    • Love that the Keyboard/Mouse Ranger transformations are a reward as I am working on an MR set, and I really want the Keyboard Ranger for that MR collection!
    • Love that glyphs are account warehouse tradeable, so it makes it worth running this event on alts in order to get more glyphs.
    • Like that the race was shortened a bit. (Still a taaaad bit too long, but better than before.)

    Snowball Event

    • Love the ease of the event and the alt-friendliness.
    • Like that some of the snowballs are brokerable in case people need kinah.

    Solorious Shenanigans

    • LOOOOOVE that the meloons drop from all mobs now. Thank you for this change!
    • Love how much loot is on the world boss that spawns 4 times each day. Makes it league friendly, so people aren't pitted against each other within the faction.
    • Love those candies that turn you into gingerbreads, etc. They are so cute and festive!
    • Great rewards if you are dedicated enough to farm.
    • Just an overall festive, cute event.

    Grade S Minion Promotion

    • So, so important for many people. A+++
    • Assuming we can use our restoration tokens, this should enable many, many people to get an S rank minion.
    • Helps us get prepared for the SS rank minions in which we need at least 2 S rank minions.
    • Very fair requirements in order to become eligible.
    • Overall, just very well done (again, assuming we can use restoration tokens, which @Kibbelzneeds to confirm).

    Double Instance Entry

    • Always valuable for people still working on gear.
    • Even for those done with their gear, still valuable for item collections, alts, and/or kinah.
  6. 15 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Vantheria, we need a confirmation from ncsoft that it counts as 3 « syntheses ». The may as well consider it as one synthesis only, given that it was rerolled.

    A legionmate said they put in a ticket to support and support said that restored minions would still count, but yes, I agree that I would like to hear it straight from Kibbelz or Loki as support is not trustworthy on the best of days.

  7. That's a 12 hour span... You're not online at any time within that 12 hours? Not even for one of the spawns? That sounds more like you're just a busy person, which is fine, but that's not NCsoft's fault. On North American time (which is where this version of Aion exists...), depending where you live within the country, that is from 9am-noon until 9pm-midnight. That's a huge gap of time for all of the spawns, plenty of time for people to be online for at least one of them.

  8. 13 hours ago, Phisdion-DN said:

    or can it be collected on a different character or are we stuck with 2 Rank S minions on one toon assuming you succeed or use a restoration token.

    Just a heads-up on something you might not have considered. On the next patch we get (hopefully within the next couple months), we will be getting SS rank minions. Yes, SS. I know.  🥺 In order to upgrade your S rank minion into an SS minion, you have to sacrifice one S rank minion as food to the other. So you need 2 S rank minions to achieve the SS rank. The sacrificed one opens the SS slot where you can insert another minion underneath the other S rank. So you might want 2 S ranks on that toon if you want the SS rank.

  9. 13 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    I guess the people that have more money than sense are the target market of the promotion.

    If you have at least 2 rank A minions (fully evolved or close enough that they will be by the middle of January), you can participate without spending any money. You just need to wait until January 1st. Then you can combine your 2 minions three times. Each time you fail, put in a ticket to support to request one of your restoration tokens be used to restore your 2 rank A minions. Restoration tokens reset on January 1st, so everyone will have 3 of them.

    Start out with 2 rank A minions
    Combine and fail (1 total combine)
    Ticket to get 2 rank A minions back (1 token used total)
    Combine and fail (2 total combines)
    Ticket to get 2 rank A minions back (2 tokens used total)
    Combine and fail (3 total combines)
    Ticket to get 2 rank A minions back (3/all tokens used total) [if you want, or just save your last token for something else]
    -- 3 total combines made, so even if you fail all 3, you will still get an S rank minion box at the end of the promotion

    Someone correct me if my math is wrong!

    12 hours ago, Ulti-DN said:

    This should totally not matter where the minions are coming from whether they are purchased from BCM , leveled or restored 

    I agree, but I would like confirmation as sometimes support can do some suspicious things.

  10. @Kibbelz Question about the technicalities of the minion promotion

    On January 1st, our restoration tokens will reset. So we will all have 3 restoration tokens available to use. Most of us use those tokens to restore our A rank minions when we fail to synthesize them. Can you please confirm that if we use our restoration tokens to continue trying to synthesize the 2 A rank minions until we meet the required "3 separate synthesizes," that they will still count? As in, there is NOT any weird exception to the "3 separate synthesizes" that we are not allowed to use restoration tokens to continue combining? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Hosie-KT said:

    They keep nerfing the original rewards for crappy stuff on our region, how is that not terrible?

    I guess I'm just apathetic at this point lel. /shrug

    I agree that the nerfed reward sucks, but at least there are a variety of rewards in there instead of ancient manastones, including some rare, older skins.

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