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  1. No more multi-clienting with xingcode3? Ok this one is actually good for pvp instances. Everybody cries about afks and many of them are alts, (example zerotolerance-kt is going evergale with 2 accs and both afk) & opposite faction's alts for sabotaging our queues. Also we will see what will happen to shugo console and mostly many of players with high end pc wont be happy if it is not allowed. Input lags can impact the game like regular lags.
  2. Well, if you re talking about 1h exp scrolls, 20% instant exp potion from the homeward bound event, those things has expiration countdown after the opening first bundle. Also it is an event so it would be weird if it was static.
  3. dunno i would prefer fregion and meslamtaeda
  4. best hair style is BALD
  5. Kinah is Kinah, Avatar is Avatar NYERK!
  6. ok givin' abyss purpose is failed imo. still abyss is empty unlike norsvold/illuma. ppl started to zergin there
  7. why do you not post it in public or give youtube link? *grabs popcorn*
  8. Ok if you have connection which doesnt allow p2p connection, try to find a VPN for JUST downloading patches (those words for ppl who stays in student dorms) E02018 is most ppl's nightmare errorcode and it appears when you have some connection/firewall issues which doesnt let to use your connection properly for ncsoft. there was a some solutions like direct adding ncsoft's address to HOSTS in system32 thingie or VPNS. But if you re not in student dorms, just send a ticket with ncsoft game advisor results and they will help to fix your problem. If u re in, as i said. Use a VPN for only patchs (c
  9. Hello, as a spiritmaster with experiments, i will link bunch of stigma builds i used #1 My Classic PvE Stigma Build (its classic so has no fun. only increases damage on bosses) http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/gACDKPQ65 #2 My PvP Stigma (My winrate is decreasing cause of outdated gears) http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/gACDLMQ65 #3 Ambush Stigma (Many times failed so hard in illuma cause of many rangers/sins uses eye) http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/gACDLPQ65 #4 IDL/Harmony stigma http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/gACDJLM65 #5
  10. ok iridescent stones only have increased critical enchantment chance (+2 or more in one attempt). Thats all. Unless that gear is unenchanted.
  11. Sadly yep. I created sin for farming tahabata skin and bought x90 entry reset scrolls. That was so sad for me. If DP drops event items also, maybe we can farm it with high levels + can get usual DP drops from final boss (i want all tahabata skins ;_;)
  12. Well, in 3 months after server merge, ppl will buy tons of EB reset scrolls, will spam IS for GP, Sieges will be more crowded and filled with more active ppl (maybe also more afks and alts dunno). Server merge is a good thing from my perspective cause i started to bored to see noone wants to get responsibility about anything. Therefore I want more drammas in lfg before my popcorns get spoiled.
  13. well fallen poeta is on list so it can befor -50 level characters or just gms wanted make ppl run that old and good instance.
  14. Well i couldnt say any words for new forum.. Just i want shred tears of joy.
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