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  1. All due respect, but I talk about COVID-19 every day, and often have arguments about it. But I still don't want COVID-19.
  2. I agree with part of this. It will definitely split the population, at least temporarily, and it will strain the staff which already can't maintain a single codebase, let alone two. But apart from the fundamental issues, I don't see this as causing a mass exodus. It might split the population enough to make them both bad, but it won't kill one for the sake of the other. A lot of people have invested too much time building their toon(s) here, and others have invested a lot of money in making their on Mini Gods. Those people aren't going to want to pay $20/month to go back to start the grin
  3. Governor Yona! I keep trying to ping you in the game, but you're always afk. I have all the cabinets. I crafted a ton of them before 6.2 before they destroyed crafting. Let me know what you need, and I'll take care of you!
  4. Because some of us have enough experience with any changes that NCWest makes having adverse affects. It's not about "just a launcher" - it's about all the bugs and headaches that typically go with everything NCWest introduces unnecessarily. Filed under category: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". That said, so far, except for the first-day issues, the launcher has been nice. When the game randomly logs me out for being afk 30 seconds for a coffee refill, I get back in quicker now. It's still slower than GameForge's setup, which I would love to have NCWest adopt, but it's still mildly
  5. I wasn't trying to run two. I was trying to run one, and getting the two-client error. For some reason it was running as a background process and had to shut it down via the Task Manager. It wasn't running where it could be seen, or on the task bar. So if you (future readers troubleshooting) are getting the error, try opening the task manager and shutting down any instances of Aion/Launcher in the list.
  6. Same thing here. Downloaded, installed, and it says "can't open a second client" when I have nothing open. Bugged to the point of being unusable before it was even used once; not even surprised.
  7. This is my immediate reaction, too. I haven't downloaded it yet - but just going on their track record, I expect bugs and B.S. They can't fix the mountain of years-old problems they already have, and decide to add a new layer of complexity so they can have more things that break that they can't fix.
  8. @DevilNest-KT - I ddin't have wrong info, I had no info. I wasn't sure what they were. But ok, so that's really not even a big deal. It's easy-to-get AP and a meaningless amount of kinah.
  9. The quasi-conspiracy theorist in me, surrounding all-things-NCSoft has an idea of when. If the vouchers are 100% guaranteed success enchants, they will probably wait until the spending calms down. LFG is flooded with message of people using stones to enchant stuff to +15, rather than wait on the guaranteed vouchers. So as long as those people keep spending cash on stones to rush to 15, they will wait to deliver the vouchers. That seems to be the general motivation behind most things they do - and there haven't been responses to the queries on the vouchers and the gift basket for the up
  10. It's a sin (Pet Shop Boys pun?), not a ranger. That said, I'm not sure what the screenshot is supposed to be showing. It looks like the vandal is headed in completely the other direction in the later (second) screenshot. They are headed the wrong direction and out of range to be attacking the sin, but are attacking. If I had to guess - and that's all this is, a guess - it's just a lag issue. The sin's client hadn't yet received updated data on the vandal's target. From all I can tell from the screenshot, the vandal is attacking something else. If they are using a cheat, and hea
  11. Weevy and Grace in one place...I'm feeling all nostalgic, and craving running to the middle of Levinshor to run IS. #teary-eyed
  12. Not pad hopping. Not shard wars. But farming? If people couldn't farm materials, then your running scrolls, your jellies - anything that required materials to craft were more expensive (bots notwithstanding). In the early days of EB, Strange Ide crystals were required to make the keys to get into EB. The broker was often empty of the crystals, they took time to farm, and there was a lot of killing going on in the only two farming areas in the Idian Depths. There's nothing like that now. (For some reason, couldn't edit the one above that saved by accident before I respo
  13. And the pad wars at Broken Cliff in Katalam, PVP in ID - fighting over the strange ide crystal farming area, and the areas where rare materials were farmed, and instance entrances...PVP wasn't just common and fun, it had actual economic meaning in the game, so it didn't just feel like slap fighting between camps. The same for sieging - when you had to fight to open Silentera Canyon, or to gain entrance to the Eye - now nothing has any real meaning. Siege to get GP for a title that really doesn't matter, meh.
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