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  1. @KibbelzI've found another glitch in your "fix". I am missing pumpkins. I might not have noticed, except that I did not open my pumpkin bundles after runs. I have a character that has 10 pumpkins, and 27 bundles. She did not spend any pumpkins, and also had leftover pumpkins from at least last year, so she should have more pumpkins than bundles. So because of [yet another in the ever-growing list of] NCSoft's error: 1. Players "cheated" without knowing they were cheating (yes, some were obviously aware, but many had no idea, or thought the rewards were the same as EU) 2.
  2. I absolutely understand the *lack* of difference. You want a difference to exist, so you can play your condescension game, but it misses the mark, badly. For some people, you are the entertainment. I don't play Aion "Classic". I didn't install it. I enjoy reading the Classic forums for the Schadenfreude. There is no such thing as an uneducated hypothesis. An hypothesis, by definition, is an educated best guess. While the quality of the education itself can be debated, the hypothesis itself is based on previous observations, and observations are organically prior education. I'
  3. By that logic, there's nothing to do in Aion either, because you have the same amount of time to respond to all of his/her posts.
  4. This is an excellent point, and to be fair to NCSoft, I didn't consider this. If players keep piling up free zombies, they can use them for combines to potentially get an ultimate, or fill out other missing legendaries that complete additional collections. Kudos to you for seeing that. Nobody else - including myself - seemed to, and it's definitely relevant.
  5. This would have been the only possible professional decision. If you look logically at the cost/benefit of rollbacks, it's an easy choice. Most people that would pay money for keys would have bought them last year. Anyone that's new to the franchise within the last year might or might not buy keys. But I'd say that when they see the LFG gripes about the company confirmed by NCSoft's actions, it will be less-likely they'll spend money, now and in the future. I didn't even know about the pixel contracts, and players being told that it wasn't possible to roll back xforms. It's on
  6. @Kibbelz If you spent time on TM, then DN now KT, and knew this person over the years, you'd recognize that the language in this post is jarring. This is a person that has always had an optimist view on things, enjoyed the game, is helpful with strangers. If you don't know her, it just sounds like a standard forum gripe by a user - and in a relatively calm tone. But with context, it's more like a nun dropping F-bombs [in my opinion, from knowing @Haniya-DN going back several years]. This should be a benchmark for how frustrated your player base is with the company, because this is not your
  7. Granted - and in agreement on both of these scores. It doesn't "feel" to me like it's a big team of folks thinking through the logical outcomes of decisions, and it seems like the plan-of-action for Classic is running parallel with Retail. I'm 100% outside observer, here - I don't play Classic and never will, and this ban problem doesn't affect me, but I'm watching how it's playing out in the forum. I'm cynical by nature, so when one person says they were banned for no reason, my kneejerk reaction is on the side of "you probably did". But these complaints just keep coming, and NCS
  8. If they really wanted to put in any effort at all, everyone could keep the houses. All they have to do is put Oriel onto two channels. That's already a capability in the game. We were used to it in Sarpan when we needed to kill Chunapa and another alliance was already there...just hop over to the next channel. Having one Oriel channel for KT and one for DN would eliminate all the problems.
  9. Why are you expecting them to do any of these things? It's Aion Classic. This was all so predictable. I had no interest in Classic. The nostalgia is always better than reality. The bots - that's Classic Aion. I was incredibly optimistic to think they were going to suddenly roll back to the old service standards. And the cap-fatigue was so obviously going to be a fast issue. Everyone has favorite things from the old days, and will want patch updates until they get there. It's brand new, and people are already bored and griping about content updates. NCSoft ultimately "fixed" t
  10. This should be a case study for how to kill a game franchise. This merger serves no purpose except to kill off the game further. Renting an AWS machine isn't more than $40~50/mo for the grade needed to run this game, if that. They'll lose more than that in cash shoppers that quit because of the merge. There's no customer service in-game to speak of, so it doesn't save in human resources cost by maintaining a second server. I played another mmo before coming here, called Perfect World International. It's not even 1/10 as good a game as Aion (in my opinion). I quit about 8 years ago,
  11. Reality is rarely as good as the nostalgia. I don't know why people can't see that "Classic Aion" is just going to be a repeat of all the things that were wrong with it before. And what happens with the patching? They are just going to keep it at version 2.7 for forever? I highly doubt that will keep people entertained for very long. People will reach max level and gear and want all the things they want now - content upgrades, events with new shiny gear, etc. So then patch 3.0 comes out. Then 4.0, 5.0, etc. For me, "classic" would be circa 4.5 (I think - I'm not Aion-nerdy enough
  12. Hi, sorry this is so late in responding. I'm rarely on the forums at all, normally just on Wed to check the updates and I don't usually even log in for that, so I didn't get the notification until now. I wish I had some opinion - right or wrong - to offer but I'm a solo grinder and don't do PVE group instances. I don't know anything about IDD or even what the situation/issue is. The only [under-informed] thing I can offer is that if lots of players are wanting it, you should consider that 'pressure'. My main gameplay now is collecting houses in Oriel. I've given up on really cari
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