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  1. @DevilNest-KT - I ddin't have wrong info, I had no info. I wasn't sure what they were. But ok, so that's really not even a big deal. It's easy-to-get AP and a meaningless amount of kinah.
  2. The quasi-conspiracy theorist in me, surrounding all-things-NCSoft has an idea of when. If the vouchers are 100% guaranteed success enchants, they will probably wait until the spending calms down. LFG is flooded with message of people using stones to enchant stuff to +15, rather than wait on the guaranteed vouchers. So as long as those people keep spending cash on stones to rush to 15, they will wait to deliver the vouchers. That seems to be the general motivation behind most things they do - and there haven't been responses to the queries on the vouchers and the gift basket for the update. Under other circumstances, there would normally be at least a "yes, we know, we're working on it." That just seems to be the trollish nature of NCSoft's model. Once people get their whole collection to max, then they can rage about having vouchers that no longer do them any good. Without that, it just wouldn't be Aion.
  3. HACK

    It's a sin (Pet Shop Boys pun?), not a ranger. That said, I'm not sure what the screenshot is supposed to be showing. It looks like the vandal is headed in completely the other direction in the later (second) screenshot. They are headed the wrong direction and out of range to be attacking the sin, but are attacking. If I had to guess - and that's all this is, a guess - it's just a lag issue. The sin's client hadn't yet received updated data on the vandal's target. From all I can tell from the screenshot, the vandal is attacking something else. If they are using a cheat, and headed the wrong direction, they are using the cheat wrong - or, I guess possibly escaping, but pausing to attack some other critters.
  4. Is it safe to come back?

    Weevy and Grace in one place...I'm feeling all nostalgic, and craving running to the middle of Levinshor to run IS. #teary-eyed
  5. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Not pad hopping. Not shard wars. But farming? If people couldn't farm materials, then your running scrolls, your jellies - anything that required materials to craft were more expensive (bots notwithstanding). In the early days of EB, Strange Ide crystals were required to make the keys to get into EB. The broker was often empty of the crystals, they took time to farm, and there was a lot of killing going on in the only two farming areas in the Idian Depths. There's nothing like that now. (For some reason, couldn't edit the one above that saved by accident before I responded)
  6. Updated Issues Jan 2020

  7. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    And the pad wars at Broken Cliff in Katalam, PVP in ID - fighting over the strange ide crystal farming area, and the areas where rare materials were farmed, and instance entrances...PVP wasn't just common and fun, it had actual economic meaning in the game, so it didn't just feel like slap fighting between camps. The same for sieging - when you had to fight to open Silentera Canyon, or to gain entrance to the Eye - now nothing has any real meaning. Siege to get GP for a title that really doesn't matter, meh.
  8. LOL Why Gameforge has US version of Aion website ?

    Do they limit their service to EU only? I downloaded and played EU Aion to get a taste of 6.2 before it was released here, and did so without any VPNs or network wizardry. I live in California, and just downloaded and played.
  9. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Glad to see it's not just me. My own sampling size is much smaller, less than a dozen stones, but with 100% failures I gave up quickly. 100% failure at +9 doesn't seems like much of a boost. If that's the boost, what was the rate before? I'm already done trying for the duration of the event. I used to feel kinda guilty about my spending here. I don't want to be a wallet warrior ever, but I did buy a $15 pack pet, and felt like I should spend more. I used to play a ton, and loved the game. $15 doesn't even buy you a full movie in the theater after ticket and a soda...and I'd played Aion daily for years. I really felt like I should buy stuff just to support the game. I don't feel that guilt, or that desire, any more. At all.
  10. Access Restriction Notice?

    Not that support is paying attention or anything, but just happened to me, too. First time for me.
  11. KInah Ideas?

    Right now, your best kinah producer for farming is ancient kibrium. You can grind ancient kibrium all day with as big a group as you can put together. It is pretty stable in price, around 400k-500k and it sells very fast. It may actually pick up a little as people start seeing Sywo's video that came out today because manastone fasterners are needed for crafting manastones in 7.0 - so some people will want to get the jump on that by doing a lot of crafting and d/e. That's your best steady money. Guiding stones go along with that, but unless NCSoft picks up the pace on knocking out bots, that market is pretty much ruined by the volume of stones bots are putting up on the broker (commonly see stacks of 3000+ stones). Both of these are stunted because of enchant rates. Nobody is enchanting, so nobody is improving gear, so the need for manastone fasterners, and the....gold fragment thinggies (game isn't open, I forget the name) are down. If/when they bump up the enchant rates, there will be a rush and steady demand for these things. People will need lots of gear to d/e, which means kibrium sales will escalate pretty quickly, and stones along with that (but again...bots). I don't do PVE group instances, but I think there's some money in that - someone else can with info there, maybe. I know Lyah's Youtube vids talked about drops being worth 1m-2m I *think* but then you're dependent on rolls to get you the items. I don't consider that a quality avenue for time vs potential reward. You can kill dozens of Leader mobs in the time it takes to do a PM/BoS/FM run, and guaranteed you'll get kibrium that's worth more. Kibrium farming is far more boring, for sure...it's dull, but it's profitable. Gold cubic was ok for a while, but it's pretty much dead now. People are coming to where their accounts are totally full, and the need has declined rapidly lately. Cubes that were selling for 20m a few weeks ago are stuck on the broker for under a million and not moving. I've got a lot that it looks like I'm going to get stuck with at this point. I recommend doing all your daily Luna runs if you aren't. For those that don't know, those silly kinah bundles that used to give a ridiculously-low 1k-5k kinah now give 5 million - 20m kinah. It only takes a level 10 to do Luna, so if you have storage toons, or even other accounts, use them. If you have empty slots on your account, it takes no time at all to level a toon to 10 and make them eligible - make some. I have Aion on a laptop at work, with toons that I just afk luna in the background and when those bundles come up, buy and open. That's probably my biggest source of income right now - I'd guess 50m-200m per week, but that's skewed in part because a lot of toons had luna mats saved up from pre-6.2 era. I'm not sure how long it would take to save up for a 100% kinah bundle doing dailies - I'll check later when I log in and have a toon that gets that for their daily. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of opportunities for farming in this game. They completely gutted the economy to try to push more people to P2P, but it's just thinning out the population - the fact that both NCWest and GameForge are coming out publicly that they screwed up and need to adjust shows pretty clearly that they are losing people and seeing revenues decline (imo). One potential angle that I haven't seen yet, is selling Daeva skills. If you have extra toons that can run CoE and don't need books, you can clear, and when a shugo spawns, sell the instance. You post some random junk (like a perer jelly) on the broker for w/e price 200m, 300m? The person buys it, joins your group, enters and they kill the shugo, you don't roll - or you leave the instance. That takes a rep for honesty, because it has to go through the broker and people have to pay before they even enter CoE to confirm a shugo has spawned - but if people know you it's a potential to make some kinah. There are still a few ways to make money if you are willing to put in the time and be a little creative. gl!
  12. Crafting mats

    I have no frame of reference to say one way or the other. I've never played a sin to know how it should feel. All of my "alts" other than my main were leveled to 10, then went straight to the crafting labs to become masters and never left again, other than for events. I'm pretty much hearing the same thing you're saying from my friends that are mainly sins, but again -without having played it's hard to get a sense of what's *worse* without having felt *better*, first.
  13. 6.5 date

    Wait for 7.0. New grades of gear, including new level of crafted gear with far better stats, craftable skill book boxes (cannot be traded/brokered). The new class will bring back old players for 2 or 3 weeks and the game will be busy and fun. Then after 3 weeks, when it dies down, we can go back to waiting-state for 7.5.
  14. An Old-Fashioned Letter

    http://global.ncsoft.com/global/support/service.aspx That has all of the main branch office addresses around the world. If you Google "NCSoft corporate" it will give you the company's main website, and doesn't have addresses, but it does have phone numbers for each of the offices, including branches that are not on the Global website. Best of luck.