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  1. Reality is rarely as good as the nostalgia. I don't know why people can't see that "Classic Aion" is just going to be a repeat of all the things that were wrong with it before. And what happens with the patching? They are just going to keep it at version 2.7 for forever? I highly doubt that will keep people entertained for very long. People will reach max level and gear and want all the things they want now - content upgrades, events with new shiny gear, etc. So then patch 3.0 comes out. Then 4.0, 5.0, etc. For me, "classic" would be circa 4.5 (I think - I'm not Aion-nerdy enough
  2. Hi, sorry this is so late in responding. I'm rarely on the forums at all, normally just on Wed to check the updates and I don't usually even log in for that, so I didn't get the notification until now. I wish I had some opinion - right or wrong - to offer but I'm a solo grinder and don't do PVE group instances. I don't know anything about IDD or even what the situation/issue is. The only [under-informed] thing I can offer is that if lots of players are wanting it, you should consider that 'pressure'. My main gameplay now is collecting houses in Oriel. I've given up on really cari
  3. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't look like a bot. I've watched the video twice and it doesn't behave like most bots do. For one thing, it's too slow. Bots are computer programs, and hunting bots are designed for efficiency. This "bot" is very slow at targeting for a computer, unless they are running it on a Commodore 64. I have toons like this that I use for farming Luna. I only play one toon, so the rest of my slots are utility alts for farming. I play exactly like this. I use either clerics or SMs, I park in a spot, and I lazily kill mobs without moving. Luna farming is B
  4. Thanks @Kibbelz! You caught me on the in-between. I was writing mine still when your update was posted. I'm aware that you're new-ish, and that you have the thankless job of delivering information and receiving the fallout for decisions you had no part in making. I appreciate that you took the time to respond to me personally at all. While I'm tagging you in my responses, like most people (I hope) that although you're the recipient, the message is not directed at you personally. This is not meant to show you up or challenge you, but I do have very old event stuff (am looking in
  5. I just do not understand this mentality, this logic. You are restoring the boxes because you understand (hopefully to some degree) that it was a mistake to delete them. But then you are going to delete them again (Same Exact Mistake 2.0), and on the same day they are reinstated. This decision is problematic, two-fold. As before, deleting them immediately makes no sense. Deleting the Stormwing Tokens now that the event is over is understandable. I still see this as something people earned, and taking away something people did daily quests for still makes no sense, in my opinion.
  6. Right, the paycheck isn't marked for deletion the day after payday, because there's no reason to delete what was earned by the person that did the work. After a year, sure. If the box came labeled with a timer showing it's being deleted after 365 days, everyone would know and would deal accordingly. There are a lot of things in the game that have expiration timers: Ludbug AP tokens, Hourglasses, etc. They have the ability to let players know exactly, to-the-second when their things will be deleted, and inform them in-game. Most people (that don't live on the forums) will be very surprised
  7. Extending my paycheck analogy - by your logic, if you haven't spent your paycheck by the time you got home on the day you got paid, you didn't need the money in the first place. Sorry, but you're way off, here.
  8. @Kibbelz This is ridiculous. I rarely use the forums, but put it on myself to check the forum all day yesterday for any sort of notice that the rewards from Stormwing would be deleted and when. I actually made an effort to be informed and you still screwed me (us). It isn't just the lack of information, but the absolute chaos of inconsistency that's mind-boggling. Sometimes the rewards sit for years. Sometimes they get deleted at maintenance. Sometimes they sit for a year, then get deleted, then you recognize you've made a mistake and return them (like this year with the Stormw
  9. Good morning. I see now why you think it's lower, but the math is wrong. You don't multiply another 20% there. Using a coin toss example, if we were flipping a coin, 3 times, the odds are 50% * 50% * 50%. If we flip a coin a 4th time, we add another * 50%, and that becomes the odds of flipping heads (or tails) 4 times in a row. If instead we use a weighted coin for the 3rd flip that is 20% more likely to flip heads, it doesn't become 50% * 50% * 50% * 20%. The change would be 50% * 50% * 70%. That's how you add an increase in chance. Multiplying another number increases *tria
  10. I'm not quite sure how you're coming up with the idea that the no-fault failure decreases the chance of success. If there's a 10% chance to fail without decreasing and it comes from the failure rate, that means the rate of failure decreases from 70% to 60%. If you add in the chances of a +2~3 in a given trial, that also increases the long-term mean rate of success. If the no-fault failure is reducing the success rate, then the success rate is not 30%, so the math is still flawed, but in the other direction. I've not been lucky enough to have a stigma bounce to +15 (or higher) like @Cru
  11. Yes, but... 30% does not tell the entire story, necessarily. When is it 30%? Is it 30% calculated overall? Or is it a 30% chance of a simple success outcome? Or does that factor all possible success outcomes? Success isn't always +1, it can be +2~3. Does the fail-without-decrease fall into the success or fail category? Is it a lesser chance of success, weighted against the +0 and +2~3 outcomes? You can't use a straight-line P(+12 to +15) = .3^3 if it's not a weighted average because a chance of a +2~3 success and the additional factor of a non-decline failure skews the probabilit
  12. It seems to me that it's legitimately 30% now, where I've had my doubts before. I'm not lucky with RNG but my results this year were good. Last year, I got over 600 stigma enchant stones from the stormwing event, most of my stigmas were +7~8 and I managed to almost get my full set to +10, with a couple not able to hit the +9 safe spot. This year, with fewer than 300 stones, I got the entire set to +15 only using one 100% enchant stone on one stigma, the rest were all done with enchant stones. Either I got exceptionally lucky, or they boosted the success rate - or a combination of
  13. All due respect, but I talk about COVID-19 every day, and often have arguments about it. But I still don't want COVID-19.
  14. I agree with part of this. It will definitely split the population, at least temporarily, and it will strain the staff which already can't maintain a single codebase, let alone two. But apart from the fundamental issues, I don't see this as causing a mass exodus. It might split the population enough to make them both bad, but it won't kill one for the sake of the other. A lot of people have invested too much time building their toon(s) here, and others have invested a lot of money in making their on Mini Gods. Those people aren't going to want to pay $20/month to go back to start the grin
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