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  1. At the end of the day @Vinley-KT NCwest and the incompetence will continue so there is no fix for the biggest issue because NCwest/soft do not see any value in fixing their own problems or are simply to proud to fix them.
  2. The new servers came out with 1.5 no? That means they had dredge and AP instances yea? I forget what came out with 1.5 but i have been keeping track of the ranking systems. I can say that the new servers been closer to what NA retail looked like with few people having gear and mostly people who have no gear having the high ranks early on. It does look like the gear people earned on the new servers seems legit.
  3. Everything you said happened in KR. If you want to be ahead of the curve you spend about $500-$1000 and buy your gear day 1 then by day 2-3 when you are level 30 and you will have full ACC/Weapon/Armor 30 PvP gear waiting for you to go around rifting and killing people in whites/greens. Essentially they made it so those who are willing to spend have an easy ride in low level PvP but the PvE aspect of the game remains the same. If you are ahead of the curve you more than likely will never run in to the players that do this. Along with this let me say the grind will be grindier than ol
  4. I actually like some those features as features but not how they are implemented now. It all comes down to the acquisition aspect Hard mode instances are hard because people who came back in 6.X really had to choose between getting their PvE gear up or their PvP gear up because the flow of stones was simply not enough unless you had above average RNG for enhancing gear. Very few people can actually get enough gear to attempt and pass them due to the high acquirement requirements. Cubic's first implementation was great everyone finished most of it for the most part so long as you pu
  5. Spenders do not listen to this person, You spend on what you want you are the life horse for this game. W/O you the game will shut down. Keep spending so we can keep getting this great content we are getting.
  6. Do not listen to this man, They simply did not spend enough and are weak willed to continue. If you spend enough you will get what you want just keep spending do not listen to quitters.
  7. It was an anniversary present in KR so chances are it will also be an Anniversary gift in other regions as well, September(i think is our anniversary) is when we should see it if they stay true to this. One thing Aion classic will have going for it is the youtube community actually gets a fair bit of views on the Aion video's so people like Peon and a few other CC's will create video's about its release and play it on release so that will be one thing going for it.
  8. The stupid thing is tho only select people got the survey, For all we know very few people actually filled it out because they have no interest in Aion at all any more. It would be nice if @Kibbelzcan get this sent out to the entire community rather than select individuals.
  9. It is not a scam you are investing in your character. You can do it do not stop now keep investing, Do not let NC get in front of your in-game goals with something as simple as a cash shop. I believe you will beat the system.
  10. Yes but lets not forget they will have a flash sale on ultimate stones soon enough. Then you can stock up at $5-$10 ea or w/e they sell them at these days.
  11. I do not really compare it to the Aion of now i compare it to the Aion of 4.0 Blood marks = Seasonal server gear on BDO Siege = region siege but was on a bigger scale in Aion than BDO Crafting in Aion = lifeskills in BDO PvE instance running daily/every second day = the daily grind just in a different form Both games have enhancing gear. Camping instance entrances for PvP content = Basically guild wars in BDO as you are hindering opponents from progressing. The Aion of 6.0 and beyond can not be compared to BDO because the Aion of 6.0 is exactly what you
  12. Dueling is one of the most popular past times of MMORPG's and it has never had reward...in-fact cost you millions of kinah to do it yet despite that you always saw duels going any time during the day. People stopped dueling because there is no incentive to get better because there is no PvP in PvP content creating a situation where should people really get rewarded for just entering a dungeon against their own alts?
  13. People should be entering them to PvP so the reward should not matter at all. If rewards are the only reason people go in to PvP then that is a core playerbase problem not a game problem.
  14. $100 spent on the account 1 year 3 month progression. Full c9 armor, Now take that in to account the equivalent of this type of gear in Aion is the gear that blows up at say +10 or +11. How many people in Aion have that gear that blows up? How many have it +15(do not forget they planned on making it eternal progression before KR kicked up a stink about it)? Does NA even have the gear that blows up? The reason Aion can be compared to BDO is because they are both korean grinders, Be it end game eternal progression systems like BDO or Theme park gear gets invalidated every patch Aion t
  15. This statement is kinda pointless considering BDO which is with out a doubt a top 10 performing MMORPG world wide understands f2p players only need to exist with-in the world in a playable state to make people spend 1000s. This is why PA have given away nearly $2000 in 2020 and already given away close to $600 worth of free items this year and it is only February. 2020 spending in games is for social status it gets you in the relevant groups/guilds so you can do relevant content so people can notice you. That is what people spend on...well the ones that spend a few 100,000 a year sp
  16. Sounds like you took the Russian update and went yo we need this. It does not improve PvP in Aion, It does not improve participation in PvP it improves people dodging PvP to fight their own alts and that is all. Every update is useless the players actually participate but since the Aion community is...well the way it is, You will never have PvP instances worth participating in.
  17. What is the issue? The camp respawn timers are broken? I would kill the captains every time because if i am in the enemies land i would not want people to be able to teleport away if i am chasing them down. Maybe i am missing something here. P.S game has been dead for long time, Altho i did stumble across a video in TT(i think it is) was nice to see some group/alliance PvP going on.
  18. This is how Korean MMO's are, Back in 1.X i had my entire guild surprise me with like 10 attempts for my miragent pants after i failed 20+ times already, Guess what i failed all 10+ the 2 free attempts(They were 450-650k ea on my server so it was a lot of kinah). Korean MMORPG's are designed for the F*****G FINALLY feeling not the every day is a fun day feeling, They leave that feeling for the player interaction...well they use to. Also you are looking at it wrong. Everything in aion is RNG, even this SAS farming is RNG based. Theres the chance you get no duplicates, or not enough duplica
  19. The point i am making is we were legitimately getting it anyways the timeline aligns with with the rough time we should of got it, After it is gone people will complain until this time next year(Again) till it comes out again around the same time. If all we have managed to accomplish after 6+ months since the community list was made was the return of hungry hatchlings 1 month earlier and faster and a few XP events well...that is more demoralizing than not accomplishing anything. Legitimately them doing nothing is better then them moving an event forward 1 month because that means th
  20. The thing is what did they make happen? Not trying to be rude or devalue kibbelz in any way but if you look at previous news Stormwing egg event was due to come out at the latest next month(if you follow the repeat event style we have had for the past 5+ years). Korea was also getting ultimate transform events like every 6 months or so and that aligns with when we got our next one. These are the NCwest changes that we need to thank them for not the events and what not that came out. We got a 15% increase limit to merchants and some gear for characters if they log in at the start of t
  21. Yea this would actually be so stupid if they did this. If they give the people the ability to pay and get to level 8 by day 8 then that is fine, But if they take away the ability for the average joe then...i dunno what to say.
  22. Can someone who has had the survey but has not filled it out post the um...questions here plz <3.
  23. Yea everyone should of got the survey it sucks we did not but at the end of the day they do not owe anyone an apology. As a company they tried to improve the spending habits of their community and it failed that is not something to make an apology about. It is a game and since it is a game we are free to leave it when ever we are unhappy with the current content that is provided.
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