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  1. I was not directing it at you like you were a cheater sorry if you took it that way probably the ? at the end of the statements. Also you can not check Ncsofts logs as they are collected sever side :D. I did cherry pick that part of what you were saying just to give an example of what may or may not be happening right now i was not really posting to answer what you said as it was directed at someone else :D. @Aly-DN It may be a very fun time to be on the forums
  2. You tested the new work around? Have you checked NCsoft logs vs Xign logs? BDOs biggest ban wave came when the cheaters thought the work around was working good so they started using the cheats again then KABLAMO. Apparently the work around in bdo had it so you were able to run Xigncode through a 3rd party program or something like a virtual windows system but it did not give any logs to Kakao games. Basically it allowed people to open the game and freely use the hacks but sent no information through to the company as far as i understand it to be. Now the work around in Aion may wor
  3. Kick feature is a horrid option i agree. Maybe mmos need to take ideas from other genres instead of just trying to do a WoW style game. Example CS-GO or Dota 2 both have low priority ques if you afk at the start they can report you problem solved. It will get abused by people who hate each other at the start for the Lols but after the first week people will just accept they have to participate in the instance. Then the abuse from players hating each other will stop as well knowing they need more people to participate.
  4. Most importantly you can tell he is using his old gear because he is still getting godstone procs
  5. You see that X program is XignCode That fish face program is mudfish. The other 2 eyes program above the discord link is ProxyCap. They work with Xigncode 0 disconnects ever. I used Battleping 0 disconnects Ever.
  6. Battleping still works with Xigncode3 BDO use it and i can still use things like battleping and other vpn programs. I would suggest using Mudfish its a pay per use or 1 dollar 75 aud per month or something like that and it should get you better ping results in game then Battle ping and other games like that do.
  7. If you honestly think 6.0 is going to take away your ability to help new/struggling/returning players you are wrong. It takes away your ability to give them freebies and that is it.
  8. I did not mention anything about how great BDO was as a game. I was talking about the broker and lack of player trading system it has that improves the game play and makes gear rewarding when you obtain it. This is one of the biggest selling point of 6.0 to the players Q&A they had in KR. The BDO system gets rid of the bot currency influence so when you do finally save up X amount of Kinah you feel rewarded. Legitimate players who enjoy Aion will like the system once they get use to it. The cheaters who rely on bots to get their gains will be very upset. The drawback to this sys
  9. Dude the new currency trade system is the best thing to happen to Aion since release of the game. Trading between people means listing it on the market place so no more 1 to 1 trading everyone has a chance at the item. This ruins the bots HARDCORE. The cheaters get nyerked over HARDCORE. This is why the system is amazing. It will take max 1 month to adjust but its going to be the thing that Aion has needed since release. Most new games seem to be adopting this BDO style system because it nyerks the cheaters out of RMT. Random example RMT player goes to bot website and wants
  10. https://www.sea.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=276&boardType=0 The naming and shaming of cheaters from the company ban them and shame them for being a dirty cheater. The dream.
  11. It did come up a lot back when tempering first came in to the game.
  12. Complain all you like i bet you all will buy lots of items during this event off the bcm to obtain that competitive edge.
  13. See ya mate. Please do not forget to pick up your old useless crafts on the way out I would hate for them to continue to be in the game.
  14. You mean 10 hours? 6.0 allows you to level in 10 hours to max on any class.
  15. After the 3-5 days i have spent on KR just exploring and figuring out if they have delivered on things they have said. Which one of the biggest things they wanted to achieve in 6.0 was gear having meaning not just go to cash shop buy items and enchant the game lost all meaning when that was the case. I honestly feel like they have achieved that the meaning and personal gear progression is back. It is early days so i could be wrong but so far it feels that way.
  16. A new server should be about re-introducing players back in to the game.Your point about Beritra is exactly the point i am trying to make its about avoiding the same issues to their highest ability. Making a temporary server that would be merged in to the old servers at a later date means they can disable some features as i will list below a few just to say what i mean. These changes would make it so that the characters getting merged in to the older servers would not affect the old servers except increase population. Character Creation Restriction - Put a restriction on character
  17. Ultimately it is NCsoft who will determine if we get a new server or not regardless of the situation other servers are in. With recent mergers no new games coming out and the closure of MxM the company has lots of servers sitting around idle doing nothing more then likely. I think this is a good thing for returning/potential new players. The issue is letting the community think that a new server means permanent fixture to the game when it does not have to be. If they were release a new server but make it a server that is only coming out to help ease returning and newer pl
  18. I hope they scrap the current housing system put studios in as a temporary holding place for all your goods you had in your house then re vamp oriel and the other place.
  19. 2 new servers? Did they open a second one recently?
  20. I like that this guy hates the publishers just as much as i do
  21. Ncwest is a bad publisher that is why this can continue to happen and ruin peoples experience.
  22. Just leveled a characters from 1-80 on KR servers to a solid 10 hours. No one can complain about XP when 6.0 hits which is nice. The biggest surprise i got once i got to the new area and looked at my gear is manastones slots. Even tho their is only 3 manastone slots every item has 3 slots this includes plumes/bracelets/accessories and wings. Dunno if that is just on the free junk they give ya or not tho.
  23. Are transformation contracts different to the potions you get while leveling up?
  24. Something interesting i have noticed on 6.0 loading screens is they show 6 slots for mana stones not just 3 is that a mistake by NCsoft or willthey actually have 6 slots you have to unlock?
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