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  1. Make 2 accounts then put them make a character on both factions for both servers and see who friends you. Once you got friends stay with them and play that server :D.
  2. Difference between hackers and ninja looters is huge. Hackers help people gain an advantage and its a good meme to team up with them for easy loot/wins especially when there were so many hackers it got to a point where you mite as well have them on your team instead of make enemies of them. Ninja looters only take there is no benefit to having them in your group.
  3. @Unbeatable-KT I assume your a PvPer @Rapier-DN I assume your a PvEr. I doubt you to will ever see eye to eye. Now that is out the way lets get on to the main point. Is a new server good? Yes however not from Ncwest. We know they do 0 advertising and the players in the NA region have the saltiest of the salt selection for a playerbase..
  4. Is it true contracts will be account bound not character bound? It is also true that you can buy 1 per character not per account like people were initially saying? If this is indeed true i believe this is greatly overlooked by the community as a whole through-out both EU and NA.
  5. What 1.X server did you play on? I wished all i had to do was rift and Siege :(. If i did that tho i have no idea how i would of leveled.
  6. him-e kinda like the way the guy from south park says timmy except with hime.
  7. Talking about scrolls what does the 1 hour scrolls turn in to being a cash shop item and all. Did EU cover this?
  8. What you are saying is EU took out the 6.0 were sorry event when they skipped to 6.2.
  9. The MMO genre is seeing great success. Your just using the wrong electronic device to see the success. Use a mobile phone and you will see great success in the mmo genre. They are making a buttload of money.
  10. Is it Ncwest or ncsoft? I was always told by people NCwest has no power and they are 100% owned and controlled by NCsoft.
  11. The best time in Aion was when Aidps first worked on NA. The amount of people on Siel who that decided it was time to "take a break" when it first worked made for the best time period in Aion. Even if it was all just false positives or not it scared people shitless for the first few weeks.
  12. As much as we want to believe that 6.2 will bring 1000s of players to the game returning or new it will not. 100s maybe. I doubt even 500 people will return. They will come to the website and go ohh company still gives 0 shits and just NOPE straight out. NA has people from all over the world because NA does not ban people for cheating/botting. I know that the Siel ex-governor got IP banned in EU. Got the IP banned revoked on his main account but his/and or hers 10 bot accounts remained banned. I want a new server as well because it will be the most enjoyment i would get out of 6.2 o
  13. Yea i am in the discord you were telling tsova about it i think. I laughed pretty hard when i saw you type it.
  14. ...Who cares about a new website here at ncwest we have WORD OF MOUTH.
  15. Why is their not an option to tick more then one? Is this rigged?
  16. Its odd how people come to this conclusion. No matter what region you play as long as their is a disparity between big spenders and normal spenders the game is p2w. The reality of it is NA and EU are both p2w. In saying this Aion did go through lots of changes since i played in early 5.X to now so maybe it is not as bad as it was when 5.X released.
  17. I always found instance based content being the worst thing for open world PvP. In Aion there was no need to PvP in open world anymore since you had to much instanced based content to get through. EB/Kamar/Arena/OB/ID/siege and i am probably missing some. If you only played 1-5 hours per night that took up your entire time. In-between instance content you were alt hopping for events.
  18. I personally do not think anyone was as invested in Levinshor as i was. To me this map holds great nostalgia it is where i made my fortune and had some awesome fights over key bosses on my cleric which i recently re-rolled around that time. Did kata/danaria need to be deleted for it... no they did not but i consider Levinshor as one of the best PvPvE open world experiences you had in the game if you participated in its content. To me it was a breath of fresh air coming from the only decent PvPvE encounters were 24vX trying to get in to EB or fighting to stop people from getting in to EB.
  19. Aion 6.0 is working as intended. If you translate the 6.0 cut scene Erishkigal sends the Deava's in to despair after well.. just in case of spoilers i will leave it there . I honestly believe this was the intended feelings to invoke for its current player base while giving a brand new better experience for any new players coming in to the game. It was a win/win scenario.
  20. This has been going on since the GP system was added in as people wanted to dodge to get their alts so i do not think it has to do with the current state of the game.. Hell it probably started before that even just enough players around that no one noticed it prior.
  21. It is a beginning all right. The beginning of the end for the NA region. TOP KEK
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