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  1. . . . JUST KIDDING! It's an inside joke, People! Put away your pitch forks!!! In all seriousness, thank you, Cyan. I know we haven't always (or even often) been an easy community to manage. You and I and everyone else knows why, so we won't belabor the issue. Talk about a baptism by fire. Being able to put on your resume that you were the CM for Aion NA is going to tell all your future employers that you can handle -anything- without losing your cool or your mind. Going to miss you. We will always have In'N'Out.
  2. The answer to the bolded is.. no. There was no cross over between the mobile game team and the mmo team. Hell.. we don't even have a "team". We have Gideon. The translation and localization team (which is shared among the MMOs) has been working on this new patch for quite sometime. It's just done. That's all.
  3. This was my thought. Normally we would get some perma skin that would act as a "I Was There" of each of the big patches. Sad to see that there is no skin, but that the things we do get are temp. As Sweetz says, it isn't too late. Add something perma please. A skin. A mount. A trophy to put in our houses. Something. Anything.
  4. Question. What exactly did Dearly Beloved Cyan do to you this afternoon that would warrant compensation? Asking for a friend.
  5. It's always funnier when a hacker complains about the amount of hackers. "Hey! How am I supposed to get value out of my own hacks if everyone is hacking better than I do?!" Supermen are pretty much the only hackers that you can get banned. Even Aion's Support can figure out that this isn't normal..
  6. I wouldn't say that. I have never been a solo player on my main character. I started playing in '09. Then (and for years after), I found people to be -very- loyal to their legions. I found more people who stayed in the same legion for years upon years, than players who legion hopped. As someone who ran a legion for many of those years, legion leaders would actually talk to one another before accepting those legion hoppers. "Hey. You had a xXxSixtyAteProGoGoGoxXx in your legion? What can you tell me about them?" Players could actually be black listed. If you were a user, a hacker or a hot-head,
  7. Gameforge has something called.. A STAFF. Actual people dedicated to working on their Aion client. Imagine! It's all they do. Work. On. Aion. They come to work (or login to telecommute during the pandemic) and all they need concern themselves about is Aion. What's the next event? Are the rewards relevant? How is the translation for the next patch coming along? Are things selling in the shop? Are there any bugs? Is the community complaining about something? Aion. 8 hour days.. 5 days a week. All the Aion resources here are shared, except our project lead person. And.. umm. Yeah. So if -any
  8. With the small amount of people that actually post on/read the forums and the fact that your name is not recognizable (meaning you aren't one of those "known" names.. famous or infamous), you would be better logging in and seeing who is still logging in in your legion or on your friends list.
  9. The old forums were broken. We finally got new forums and, what do you know?! They are also broken.
  10. Ahh. Sorry, Aieryn! I didn't mean to let you down. @ConspiracyTheorists&Potatoes @DevilNest-KT
  11. That is exclusive to Gameforge. There will be things in their 7.3 which are not and will never be in our client. Just like there are things in our client that will never be in theirs. Now.. if you want to link to the Korean 7.3 which allowed the farming of lockbox keys/coins, then that's a different story. Does the Korean 7.3 allow for this?
  12. I don't understand how my comment about this topic is derogatory. The OP accused the top players for both factions of "colluding" in order to keep Divine Balaur. Which is yet another baseless conspiracy theory. Players do what is best for them. That's not a surprise and it's hardly some grand conspiracy. As for Cake, Van and Arhan's comments.. that's all true. As Cake can attest to personally, being the Aion world's kitty litter box hasn't always been fun and doing it for 10 years is even less fun. It doesn't matter that I call it like I see it.. neither pro nor anti NCSoft. I have been a
  13. If it's been a month, I would start a new ticket and ask again. Support is bad but they aren't that bad.
  14. Hmm. So it's just that character? And they now have a normal name? (i.e. not a merge name.. since that may prevent you from binding.) I'm stumped. Might be time to ask Support. Keep in mind Support is not always the best. Be patient and keep explaining your problem. If you would rather not deal with Support, this is only effecting the one character and the character is low level.. you could try deleting that character and starting over.
  15. No. Obelisks do not have a level requirement. Since you can't interact with quest items, it looks like there is an issue with your client. Try shutting it down and bring it back up. If that doesn't work, try doing a file repair.
  16. Aion is what you bring to it. Leveling is much easier and everything you need to level is given to you in quests, so you don't need to spend kinah as you level. Leveling is also very quick. It blows that both the Elyos and the Asmo storylines are identical now. In streamlining leveling, yes.. areas were removed. As sad as it is for nostalgia, it needed to happen. Solo players say they find it easier to be solo with recent patches. I have never played solo, so I can't confirm that. Having a group or friends or a good legion is still as important as it always was. Since the popula
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