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Breakdown classic why they're so bad


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No I'm not talking about Aion classic but rather about Aion 3.0-4.6 era

Problem with the game in that era is we gotten too many skills and the game becoming who spams faster skills wins ,it wider the gap between low ping players and high ping so bad because a lot of spamming skills like dead shots and variants for other class and permanent spamable like bestical fury(50% attack speed) they kinda cost the fun of being range hit and run as ranger. In fact I believed skills before 3.0 era minus spamable skills is perfect and new skill should simply be new variant of old skills (yep like 6.0 era) but spamming part should be cut out and more plan as hit and run and manage rotation more.

Ideally completely separate pve/pvp maps like 3.0 was perfect doing for me, Katalam could be sole pvp map while Danaria could be only pve map in 4.0
Mistake about 4.0 was instance skins were lacking of charm it just variant of colors unlike 3.0 where primal spirit skin is truly worth to farm not just enchantment stones.

I believing now hit and run/CC is the way Aion suppose to play. Spamming took away of that and turns Aion into dps race.
Crafting is never really updated and die out not mention the crafting skins most of them are silly and dull not worth time.

Aion is fun if you need to plan about rotation and CC when to use. But lower cd and stand tanking mobs spams DPS make the game really silly.
Chanter WOI could be perfect if increase MP usage depend on how many party members get buffs if you just buff yourself MP could be just as low as 50 it would be acceptable no need for lv 60 skill self buff with 2 min cd(sorry I forgot skill name)

Again and sorry about elitism in instance where like 10% of player base can do that concept is stupid even just to promote p2w ,any games where contents is locked for only 10% of players can do is stupid ,a game shouldn't punish players for failure but should encourage them to keep trying and buff them up to be strong enough to finish instances.

I don't want to be one of 10% players that can do contents where 90% can not. I'd rather be one of 90% players that can chill and make error mistakes and enjoy moment with 90% players with 10% content.

It would be nice if every instance success run would give like skin(for shop skins) token like RU counterpart did.

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I dunno, I enjoyed the faster pace, and I don't think any actual good players just spammed skills, that gives a false impression about the importance of using what skills when. What you're really referring to is a lack of a requirement to weave.

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Lacking of requirement to weave wouldn't be exactly word I would use but yes it has partial correct.

I find out I do enjoy playing ranger at 25m more than 15m with 20% attack speed unfortunate that come with 50% more powers too.
Maybe I'm kind of elitism here ? and want to increase the gap between people who can and can't weave ? o_O
It would be best if the skill is a toggle and remove 50% damage buff which doesn't happened until later patch.

I do appreciated all secret movement tactics in game make the game worth learning but I kinda wish it wasn't made for low ping players only but should be performable by all players up to 300 ping at least. Maybe a delay in auto attack after using skill could migrate this problem ? I don't know and don't think anyone will care at this point excepted the one who willing to make custom private servers.

We need a kind of a nuclear bomb at Aion retail and start over again. Nobody will mind if all enchantments ,transformation will gone. Time is kinda stopped in private servers world at 4.6 yes all attempts at 4.8 or 5.8 failed. Soon enough all private servers will die because they stuck at 4.6. Once private servers died don't think people will come back here it just simply means they moved on to next game.

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