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  1. Hello, I'm unable to log in to my main account on the website (not forums, to be specific). I'm trying to make sure I've subscribed to everything I need for the free accessory. I've reset my password, I've cleared my cookies, I've tried on different machines on different connections. I've sent Ncsoft a ticket, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?
  2. I don't normally like Zarbi's takes, but in this instance I agree with them, and I think your response is a little hyperbolic and off the mark. I don't mean that with disrespect, but no one is ignorant to this, and the world burned down a long time ago.
  3. My team got Taha to around 50%.
  4. We're continuously being shown two things: The NA team barely exists, if at all, and the KR team doesn't care about their NA team's ability. I get it, Aion's an old game, but this community is probably one of the more passionate ones I've seen... I'm happy with 1.5 so far, and I hope to continue seeing things improve, but let's have some kind of professionalism for goodness sake.
  5. Likewise, but on a different note, I'm unable to log into the website at all now on my main account; I can't make sure I'm subscribed so I can pick up this reward. I've sent in a ticket, changed my password, but am still unable to.
  6. How exactlty would you get hiding to work as an action and not a skill? As in we crouch in a bush? It's not effortless either, you need to reapply the hide and you can only buff so many times in hide; others can see through hide as well, and you can hear buffs even when they're in hide.
  7. I'd rather the game stop pretending not to be pay 2 win, and go moderately pay 2 win, than pay a sub for the worst support/quality I've seen in this game. We pay a sub for a reason... any game with a sub has premium support and staff, this game in no way does.
  8. You didn’t take the time to read, it’s on you
  9. As mentioned above, they drop from mobs, so the broker is really the only way aside from AP stigmas, and the starter stigmas available in main towns.
  10. This forum account is new but I've been around since beta on retail lol. Even if 1.5 - 1.7 brings players back IS will still be bad. But you're also right, they should send a survey out. They dont even have to act on it, but they'd at least have some kind of consensus.
  11. Sole? Trust me, I'm not the only person with that opinion, not even close. What I'm more interested in is knowing how many of you have even played sin.
  12. For reference, I'm a Templar main, but also play Glad and Sin, and I'm beginning a journey on Sorc right now. To reply to "You have to understand that people will admire someone for doing the tough thing and apparently the sin play style especially with hide is one that nobody admires and says "wow you did that amazing trick" because the trick is always the same, go in hide behind an unexpecting enemy, get ready and fight them when they weren't even expecting it. And then avoiding to fight whenever it doesn't favor them, other classes need to do tricks or disable the enemy to gain time
  13. WTB merge so I can get my name back ty ncsoft
  14. My cooking is at 409 right now so I still have a little bit to go, I just haven't been bothered to, but I leveled cooking in the matter of 3 or 4 days while I was at the office, just tabbing in and out to set work orders. The expert quest wasn't too bad, you have to proc tasty versions of four easy/white meals, and then 3 green meals for the second quest... For the most part, if you don't have gathering like me because I'm so lazy, the mats aren't too expensive... but buying the designs every attempt because they expire on use costs something like 800k for everything, but eventually widdles
  15. I feel like 1.5/DP will only bolster things a little bit, Taha will probably end up being a joke and I'm sure something else will either impede/allow players to excel more or less than they were supposed to... and dredge will probably be a crap show. Then we'll complain 1.7/fort instances are taking too long. 2.0 is the golden mark, I think. If we can make it there, and ncsoft pulls their pants up just a little bit we should see some good times... but it's a gamble to that point.
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