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Dredgion quick group failed


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Back on aion classic since September and at the moment the dredgion are in the advantage of the Asmodians 8 times out of 10,  we have been violated game  after game if only the formation of the groups was fair, or equipped equally.
in my opinion this is why the players quit the game.
How will I be able to equip my character with pvp items when I get less than 1500ap per dredgion without quest ?
Many times at the start of the dredgion our groups are incomplete.
And without counting the players who intentionally sabotage the game

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Don't do QE, join a group that does the quests. afk only gives poor AP.

The quest rewards add up to a lot of AP each week.

Also there are various levels of AP gear, you don't have to go top shelf from the word go.


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since my last post I made my own group a few times and I only won one dredg

so a simple calculation how I will equip myself pvp if at each Dreg I make between 1500 and 500 ap versu 5000 for the asmo

And one of the dreg we were only 3 against 6 full grear, nice balance.

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