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Suggestions for post 8.0 release


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Hello lovely Devs,

I'm sure you are unaware, but there is never really balance on any server or very few in past 13 years of Aion.  Also, since 8.0 interest in World Bosses by Elyos has diminished except for the new one in 8.0, Ardath. As half the Elyos faction and the entire Asmo faction have no access to Ardath and the class books he drops (not to mention oath tablets), I am suggesting you add at least the class books to relevant world bosses (Demaha perhaps?). Nevermind Ragnarok, Omega, or Silentera bosses or Anomos (Lakrum should be deleted in my opinion) - who wants to camp 3 hours every few days aside from someones alt account? We would get some wicked contesting at the bosses in Demaha and breathe some life into mass pvp.

Second suggestion would be to find a way for LFG to be readable on any server. As we spend hours in Apsaranta every day with the extremely boring and time consuming quests (half of them), we miss out on all the groups and can't queue for EC or KBF or anything while there.  This is really making the entry times very long to impossible. There are rumours you are removing all of the instances - if this is because of a lack of participation well this explains why and I highly recommend not doing so. I suggest removing Lakrum completely from the game along with Chaotic Vale and Illumiel Brawl. I also suggest 2 hours windows 3 times a day for PVP instances Dredgion, KBF, EC, ID. This will help to concentrate pvpers queue times and set up some good pvp. A lot of people like 1v1 so maybe keep arena too and duels, I dont think they are a huge drain on resources.

One last thing - please consider adjusting transformation combining to include combining apostles to give another apostle if it fails to go ultimate, same as if we combine 2 ultimates or 2 legendary normal transformations.

There is also a really good post in General discussion with feedback that you should read its most excellent.

One last thing - Paragon armor isn't of interest to anyone since its stats didnt increase like weapons did at 8.0. Buff them on par with the same increase that level 80 to level 85 weapons and armor had and have a Paragon event much like Tia eye last January - you will make a fortune!

Thank you.



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The same legion that out-dps you in Apsaranta will simply do the same to the other bosses you asked for. Legion drama should never ba ddressed by the company.

Lakrum is a beautiful map, they shouldn't remove any maps.

The pvp instances shouldn't be deleted either, the reason they are deserted is because of their rewards being useless. There is absolutely no incentive in doing any pvp instance anymore.

As for the apostles, other regions already had events dedicated to these transformations. We never get the good stuff anymore, so this should tell you  how much they will cae about the post you made.

They usually remove things from our version, we have the most hardcore Aion than any other region, lack of skins, lack of auto hunt while the whole game is based on it, lack of events etc.

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Believe it or not Asmo dont have a dps issue. We are faster at siege at every fort now. Demaha world bosses without pvp are boring and the drops are not really needed anymore, small number anyway.

Beautiful or not Lakrum is dead and so is Demaha. If removing these maps allowed them to merge the battlefield server with the main one so we can see lfg and apply to instances from Apsaranta that would be great.

Pvp instance rewards are great you can get 3 legendary and 1 ultimate selectable box a week plus other goodies. 

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Soo after reading this I notice that you probably notice but… the population on NA has dropped drastically and yes less ppl make the maps look empty as nyerk and that’s an issue, but removing map and instances just because you don’t run them or you don’t do any content on that map is not an actual solution.

How about instead of removing anything you don’t like and don’t run, make those pvp instances to pop even if there is only one person in Que for X amount of time and make the maps available on different times of the year that way we wouldn’t have the same maps open all the time?

Now about the demaha world bosses… you are supposed to be a “pvper” you should k ow that even if the imbued weapons aren’t top tier right now, there is people still using them and still trying to get them a long with the primes runestones and dazzling and do not forget the all mighty ultimate manastones that the asmos fight over.

Paragon is not of the interest to most of the server because is hard to enchant… like it was made mostly for the whale that can spend big amount of money in the game, just as peitan was when it was released, as far as I remember korea did not have a single player with a +15 weapon before we had 8.0 and they already had 8.0 at that time, and the enchantment rate on this server is worse than Korea.

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Just saw this - the whole point is to get rid of the battlefield server and migrate the content to the main server so we can communicate in LFG in Apsa, Demaha, Gelk etc AND queue from all areas. Maybe they don't need to delete anything to do this, but I suggested some dead maps they could remove to "make space" or whatever they need to do.

The real issue is no one can queue and communicate from Apsa and people spend most of their time there unless they have too much free time.

On Paragon, I heard some Elyos rolling with +10 armor? I don't know a single Asmo with a +10 piece except Anjoo had +10 weapon. NC needs money to support the game paragon is the best way - last event I farmed my life away for 3 weeks and had 2 suppliers and over 52b in kinah plus some sales and I got one weapon so an event isn't going to change balance much but the right side armor is important since we lack HP and people die too easily - how are they supposed to learn to pvp when you get 2 shot?

Anyway thanks for adding suggestions!

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