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Where are the Major Crowns


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Greetings Daevas!

If you've been holding out on Siel's Aura, now is the perfect time to get in and play Aion Classic! From 12/15 through 1/12, we will be increasing the duration of the free daily Siel's Aura from one hour per day, to three hours per day.

In addition, all players who have the following Subscriptions at any time during the event will receive the following:

For 30-day Siel’s Aura

Crimson Kerub Egg 30-Day (Storage Pet, 16 slots)

Major Ancient Crown x1

For 90-day Siel’s Aura

Crimson Kerub Egg 90-Day (Storage Pet, 16 slots)

Major Ancient Crown x3

Transparent Candy Form 3-pack (x10)

In order to receive the rewards above, you merely need to have one of the subscriptions above active at any point from 12/15 through 1/12. Enjoy!

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