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Chanter support shield for pve bosses (DP, bakarma.. and upcomings)


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I wanna set up a shiled for better supporting my group at instance's bosses (where chanter is asked to full support group).

Have 2 question about shield:

1) how to socket? HP, Block or Magic resist?

2) I'm confused about the Damage reduction stats. What is applied to ? All damage (phisical/Magic) ?

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My highest character right now is a level 37 cleric, but I got some tested monster stats in my monster stats spreadsheet:

Kromede the Corrupt (level 37 final boss at Fire Temple) has:

  • around 802 weapon damage (avg)
  • close to 1,200 physical accuracy.
  • Most of her skills can be evaded, parried, blocked as they physical and deal physical damage.
    • Miserable Struggle deals physical damage that is weapon damage x 3.21

1. to reach evasion/parry/block chance cap on Kromede you need close to 1,300 evasion, 1,400 parry, or 1,500 block stats respectively

  • leather armor provide highest evasion
  • A few pieces of chain armor provide bonus block stats

2. Damage reduction stat on shield only applies on a successful block

  • Only physical attacks can be blocked
    • or maybe magical auto attack from mobs too, not tested on that (monster magical auto attacks and be evaded and parried)
  • Level 10+ characters who can use shield automatically learn advanced shield mastery:
    • Additional +5 shield damage reduction
      • If your shield says 50% damage reduction, it's actually 55% damage reduction
      • If your shield says 70% damage reduction, it's actually 75% damage reduction
  • Calculated after damage reduction from physical defense (10 def = 1 damage reduction)



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First i have to say that all your answers are the best explained, best claryfing and full of knowledge.

Finally i've understand how % damage reduction stat works. Thank u.

Now i'm struggling couse i'm not sure about how to manastone for a better party support in dark poeta. 

I never did that dungeon but watching video i guess that most part of "wipe party skills" are magical so i want to manastone some additional pieces with MR or can i go safe just filling them with HP?

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I don't know anything about Dark Poeta, but here is a list of monster skills effects: (warning: huge webpage)

Aion Classic Monster skills

  • IDAbRe_Core: Abyssal Splinter
  • IDArena: Empyrean Crucible
  • IDArena_Solo: Crucible Challenge
  • IDCatacombs: Beshmundir Temple
  • IDDramata: Padmarashka's Cave
  • IDElemental1: Elementis Forest
  • IDElemental2: Argent Manor
  • IDF4Re: Can refer to either Esoterrace (idf4re_drana) or Dredgion Station (IDF4Re_Station)
  • IDForest: ?
  • IDHouse: ?
  • IDTemple: (Lower) Udas Temple
  • IDYun: Rentus Outpost

Note: many monsters in these instances use skills that are not specifically labeled as such instance skills

If a physical skill is labeled not resistable, or has an accurate hit property, it can not be evaded/parried/(blocked?)

If a magical skill is labeled not resistable, it can not be resisted.

  • Points out to Surama's Collasping Earth in Esoterrance, which deals 15,000 magical damage that is not resistable. In classic, you gotta step on the thurst air and glide up, or it is a guaranteed 1-hit KO... unlike in Refly...

I have no idea what skills Dark Poeta bosses use though...

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