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Minion Box - RNGesus


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Prove me wrong, these are semi-predetermined on what they are prone to give.

Half the rolls were a deadly Sheba and the other half were a Hyperion version. In the previous promotion event it was either half deadly Sheba or some variant of Kromede.

I still haven't been able to this date to get an S-rank Viola and most likely never will.

The below minions are about 2 years worth of playing with events and successful combines. At some point we need to get a way of working towards a goal and manage to reach it without all the RNG injection. We are supposed to play the game not gamble on it.


In the end of the day just put a selectable s-rank minion on BCM for like 50$ and I am sure many people will rage-buy it from all the RNG fails.


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23 minutes ago, AnonymousCoward-DN said:

Lol.  I feel like I finally got a Deadly Sheba.

Meanwhile I have gotten like 5 already. The very first three S-minions I ever gotten were all deadly Shebas, I sacrificed the second to awaken the first and then placed the third to make an SS and I still have two more deadly Shebas.

Of course it is better than constantly getting Hyperion so I am partially happy, but 2 years worth of playing and still no S-rank viola which is what I need. I can play this game for 10 more years and still not get one.

If there is one thing that utterly destroys the game, that is RNG.

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