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I some times get "cannot connect to server" or something many times when I hit the launcher. It shows the little blue icon that tries to initiate the launcher and instead of giving me the login windows to put mail+password it gives me the message that it cannot connect. I try a few times and at some point it works.

This new launcher never worked as intended and if it was supposed to solve any problems not only it didn't but also brought more. Not to mention the launcher itself isn't updating the news frequently to the point I never pay attention to it.

So far this launcher is nothing but extra clicks to log into the game.

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3 hours ago, Gallium-DN said:

Estaba teniendo problemas para que se lanzara hoy. Creo que después de intentarlo por décima vez podría estar funcionando ahora.

The same thing happened to me.

2 hours ago, Arhangelos said:

Algunas veces recibo "no se puede conectar al servidor" o algo así muchas veces cuando presiono el lanzador. Muestra el pequeño icono azul que intenta iniciar el iniciador y en lugar de darme las ventanas de inicio de sesión para poner correo+contraseña me da el mensaje de que no se puede conectar. Lo intento varias veces y en algún momento funciona.

Este nuevo lanzador nunca funcionó como se esperaba y si se suponía que resolvería algún problema, no solo no lo hizo sino que trajo más. Sin mencionar que el lanzador en sí no actualiza las noticias con frecuencia hasta el punto de que nunca le presto atención.

Hasta ahora, este lanzador no es más que clics adicionales para iniciar sesión en el juego.

Well yes. This launcher has also given me various problems. =(

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  • Aion Team

Hey everyone, sorry about the delay. I'm not online on the weekends and technically today is a day off too, but I wanted to check in really fast and make sure you're all doing okay.

Are you still having a lot of errors or have you been able to launch the game?

Sometimes reinstalling the launcher might help, running it as admin, or making sure no other processes are running in the background at the time. But this is all generic help that I'm not sure if you've tried yet or not, and unsure if it will fix the problem.

Since this is in regards to the launcher and not Aion, you might need to send these reports to our support team to get some movement here as they can request the error logs and look deeper into this. I'll see if I can pass it along as well!

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