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Ncsoft on Aion 2.


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@RinI posted this in the other Aion general discussion but it posted it here unsure why that is. Was not trying to bring this up in the classic general discussion.



What about Aion 2? Lineage W is expected in North America and Europe in early 3Q and TL in mid to late 4Q. There is a change in timing. Previously, the new work was not released and followed the one-way promotion just before launch, but from now on, we are actively accepting customer feedback during the development process. We try to reflect the needs and criticisms of users, such as open customer communication and open R&D, in R&D and completeness. In addition to the games revealed in the teaser, we plan to take the pipeline from 2023 to 2025 and launch several works. After the earnings announcement, new works will be introduced at tight intervals from March and opinions will be heard. Aion 2 is an MMORPG that aims to be released worldwide at the same time, with a new strategy. The platform is not yet at the stage whether it can be said to the outside, but it is considering whether to apply it to various platforms suitable for the global market.


If you want to read the whole thing. However there is a high chance Aion 2 could end up being an NFT game especially since Aion was mentioned after their NFT talk below.


In addition, regarding NFT, preparations for application to its games in 2022 are well underway, and within the company, the philosophy that blockchain technology should provide users with values that have never existed before is solid, which means that the economic system in the game itself will be advanced and He added that this is because he believes that it is a prerequisite for blockchain and NFT technology to remain stable.

Overall i think it is cool they are aiming for a world wide release for A2.

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it went in the wrong general discussion
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