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So is Lost Ark good?


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I kept hearing people say "I am waiting until Diablo III comes out to quit Aion", then Diablo III came and nobody quit. Then they said the same thing for other games like Astellia or Elyon etc but of course the same people kept coming back to Aion. Now Lost Ark was the game that Aion would die to.

All online articles about it praise for no other reason other than praising it. I mean nothing explains why it is good other than it "has a good combat system" which is not enough to convince me to even try it and since it is faux-3D game like Diablo I and that it has gender locked classes I haven't even thought about trying it.

So is it good? Do you know anyone who quit Aion to play Lost Ark?

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Its just the hype but i can see myself not having fun doing tons of pve , I want Aion lore and pvp but during this patches and repeatedly trowing pay to win events . I'm loosing it , I might quit soon , I might not see Ultimate Siel transformation contract. Aion lore is fantastic before even just killing mobs and doing ordinary quest you can understand the story of the map or area.

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