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An idea for Boiling Balaur Bloodstains


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@Rin I had a thought that adding a repeatable quest that rewarded a boiling balaur bloodstain might help with the issue that everyone is having with these?  the drop rate is just so bad!  pass this along to the development team please!

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A double or tripled drop rate would be more effective measure,  plus NcWest wouldnt be able to go through and create a repeatable quest that provides balic mats as rewards, they would pass to NcMain, who would laugh because KR doesn't need it.  

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@RinThis is one of the reasons i really wished you had a higher level character so you could grind these materials for a few hours and realize how bad it is and how important an item it is to the relevant patch.

Let me explain what these items are used for and what my experience was like back in the original version of this game.

Boiling Balaur Bloodstains are used to craft the hot heart of magic(pants for the miragens/fenris set in which you can not progress past w/o succeeding this craft), You need 100 Boiling Balaur Bloodstains per attempt. It has a chance to fail and when it fails you have to farm another 100 to have another chance. Back during the original version of Aion i had over 20 attempts and still did not get a successful proc of my hot heart of magic. If you take this in to account and lets say you play 10 hours a day for 1 month you mite gain 1 attempt per month but i am probably being very generous here.

The reason this is bad is because we are a published region not the motherland region. We know that Aion classics accelerated release speed. 2.0 the patch that invalidates the gear you get from farming Boiling Balaur Bloodstains will get released roughly around October.   

Due to the drop rates and the high chance of failure the ignorance NCwest is showing frustrates the players to no end. It really shows how disconnected the developers and publishers are with Aion classic and its accelerated progression and what we know from Korea and how fast the new patches come around.

Then you have the actual problem at hand. Ncsoft(Korea) did not have a problem with blood supply because they had 1000s of bots suppling the market. That is to frustrating that we are not getting a fix because they are ignoring the fact that their supply is bot supply not player supply.

When you past notes on please explain this to them because it is important. Giving us a survey for a week to supply the server with bloods IMO is not a fix you need to increase the drop rate so it improves the general game play.

If i were to suggest a quest, I would suggest 3 new weekly quests. 1 for outer upper forts(roah and asteria combined) 1 for the inner upper forts( miren/krotan/kysis) and one for the core fortress(divine fortress). 5 Boiling Balaur Bloodstains each quest so it adds 15 per week per character. Each quest is kill 10 mobs can be elite or non elite does not matter it just needs to be relevant to improving the games content which is content for everyone. A quest like this improves both PvP and PvE experiences not just PvE experience.

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