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Enchant/manastone proc rate is Garbage


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I've been playing Aion since 2.5, I am aware of the horrendous success rates in manastone and enchant stone successes. However, putting a disclaimer on the UI for enchanting, for example (70% success) and then burning through a stack of 300+ white manastones trying to socket a single piece of Draupnir Cave armor and STILL ended up with only 1 success is a flat out lie. 

You guys should really change the UI to "70% failure rate" because literally there is just no way I used over 300 white manastones in a piece of 4 slot yellow armor and got only 1 slot to stick with 70% to succeed.

An average, casual player in Aion doesn't have 300m kinah to keep dropping on every piece of gear they obtain; the rng does not match the success/fail values you guys list.

I guarantee you the rates you are displaying are not accurate whatsoever. And I also can see I am far from the first person to complain about this. 
If I see the UI display 70% success rate I expect somewhat of those guidelines - even in retail I had better rng than I do in Classic.

Change the UI to accurately reflect the *actual* success or failure rate of manastone or enchant stone socketing, do not just slap a 70% on the UI and call it a day.

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Im not sure how you had such bad RNG because I have socketed all my alts gears with white manastones and usually go 4/4 with whites on yellow gears.  if I did even 25 and had that many fails I would have just waited a day and/or gone to a different location.  never would I keep going after that many fails!  thats just some terrible RNG

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On 17/4/2022 at 17:50, Moi said:

No estoy seguro de cómo tuviste un RNG tan malo porque he engarzado todos mis engranajes alternativos con manastones blancos y generalmente voy 4/4 con blancos en engranajes amarillos. si hubiera hecho incluso 25 y hubiera fallado tantos, simplemente habría esperado un día y/o habría ido a un lugar diferente. ¡nunca seguiría adelante después de tantos fracasos! eso es solo un RNG terrible

Eso que dices es cierto. No se dar una explicación razonable de ello, pero me ha sucedido aquí y en otros juegos. Cuando quiero encantar items busco lugares en que no hay jugadores y horas menos congestionadas. Pero dado que esto se ha convertido en un server fantasma, en el que los fines de semana llega a conectarse la magnifica cantidad de casi 70 personas, creo que lo que le sucede al sujeto del post origen es realmente inverosimil.

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