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[Stigma] No drops?


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Hello everyone,

So, it's been a while since I've been trying to get Enmity Swap Stigma. Its not available on Broker, also not for sale on NPCs and stuff. I decided to switch back to my 2nd character to attempt dropping it but no success at all, so started wondering: are Stigma Drops unavailable? Is this a real thing? What's the stigma drop rate? I've been even getting rare equipment from mobs but not Stigma at all. 

Without the drop of Stigmas and not being able to get it elsewhere, its frustrating I have bought Summon Cyclone Servant (unlocked with Enmity Swap) if I cant find the enabler Stigma to equip it. Felt like a waste of time getting Abyss Points to buy Cyclone Stuff if I can't use it after all.

So, could the Staff give us a hand about what's on going with Stigma Stuff, please? I've also seen other people complaining about this kind of drops on /2.

What's going on with these drops even with my Siel Aura subscription?

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Due to the changes in world mob drop rate, stigmas like Enmity Swap are nearly impossible to get now.

There's no instanced dungeon that can realistically drop it (stigma is too high level for Haramel and too low level for FT), and you will likely level beyond lvl22 world mobs that would drop it well before you see any stigma drop, let alone the one you need, especially with double XP.


You could almost certainly level eight toons from 20-30 with the specific goal of getting this stigma drop and never see it at the moment.


Personally, I would consider all low level stigmas impossible to get - your only chance is to buy it off a player who received it pre-nerf. It's actually a running joke now, level 28 "common" stigmas like Word of Protection are selling for 30mill+, more expensive than best-in-slot endgame gear, because they're literally harder to get than the best gear in the game now

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