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Ultimate Fighting Spirit equipment sucks (not Paragon of Fighting Spirit)

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From today's conversation in guild chat, it appears that Paragon weapons have hidden attack stat bonuses:

2023.01.19 12:03:25 : <guild member B>: i have a +7 dagger but i am confused why it shows higher net attack than +15FS 
2023.01.19 12:03:28 : <+full +9 para whale>: yeah need a set of that  
2023.01.19 12:04:02 : <guild member B>: its like +300 more attack than +15 FS dagger 
2023.01.19 12:04:58 : moOOooOoO: suspected hidden stat bonuses in enchanted paragon gear? 
2023.01.19 12:05:09 : <guild member B>: the stats on para dagger shows less than FS but when equipped, net attack is higher 
2023.01.19 12:05:25 : <guild member B>: everything else remaining same 
2023.01.19 12:10:49 : <+full +9 para whale>: yeah 
2023.01.19 12:10:57 : <+full +9 para whale>: i have seen that  
2023.01.19 12:11:10 : <guild member C>: [@item:100250264;ver8;<+7 Paragon Dagger of Desperation with 1x phy atk +23 4950+804+20+23=5797>;;;;] ne <chat log cutoff>
2023.01.19 12:11:39 : <guild member C>: [@item:100250319;ver8;<+15 Ultimate Fighting Spirit Dagger with 3x phy atk +23 5515+230+275+23*3=6089> ;;;????? <chat log cutoff>
2023.01.19 12:12:09 : <guild member C>: when i equip para, net attack = 27118 
2023.01.19 12:12:29 : <guild member C>: when i equip FS, net attack is 26843 
2023.01.19 12:12:38 : <guild member C>: thats a big diff 
2023.01.19 12:13:10 : <+full +9 para whale>: it has base atk and then enchanted atk 
2023.01.19 12:13:42 : <+full +9 para whale>: the enchanged atk is a lot more than FS 
2023.01.19 12:13:53 : <+full +9 para whale>: FS is 275+230 
2023.01.19 12:14:00 : <+full +9 para whale>: [@item:100250264;ver8;<+9 Paragon Dagger of Desperation, 4950+1328+20+23=6321>;;; 
2023.01.19 12:14:13 : <guild member C>: yeah this is like 842 
2023.01.19 12:14:18 : <+full +9 para whale>: para is 1328 
2023.01.19 12:14:24 : <+full +9 para whale>: yep 
2023.01.19 12:14:24 : <guild member C>: yep 
2023.01.19 12:14:40 : <guild member C>: i think there is also some hidden attack which does not show on weapon 
2023.01.19 12:14:53 : <+full +9 para whale>: could be  
2023.01.19 12:14:56 : <+full +9 para whale>: not sure  
2023.01.19 12:15:07 : <guild member C>: even after calculating this, para is coming out to be like +300 more attack from somewhere 
2023.01.19 12:15:22 : <+full +9 para whale>: collection  
2023.01.19 12:15:38 : <+full +9 para whale>: and item collection  
2023.01.19 12:15:39 : <guild member C>: collection is fixed right, irrespective of weapon? 
2023.01.19 12:15:51 : <+full +9 para whale>: yeah always there for all toons  
2023.01.19 12:15:55 : <guild member C>: yep 
2023.01.19 12:16:04 : <guild member C>: this has really confused me lol 
2023.01.19 12:16:36 : <guild member C>: i thought i will use FS till i get this dagger upto atleast 9 but looking at net stats, i might as well use +7 lol 
2023.01.19 12:16:49 : <+full +9 para whale>: there is a little book on the top od the screen right in the middle  
2023.01.19 12:16:52 : <+full +9 para whale>: mouse over that  
2023.01.19 12:17:03 : <+full +9 para whale>: and ya see your item and collection stats 
2023.01.19 12:17:19 : <guild member C>: oh yes let me check that 
2023.01.19 12:18:00 : <guild member C>: naaah it remains same 
2023.01.19 12:18:14 : <+full +9 para whale>: yeah that does not change  
2023.01.19 12:18:22 : <+full +9 para whale>: that is what ya earned  
2023.01.19 12:18:32 : <+full +9 para whale>: it changes as ya get more collection  
2023.01.19 12:18:41 : <guild member C>: yes 
2023.01.19 12:19:15 : <guild member C>: this is both item and transform cxollection, right? 
2023.01.19 12:20:05 : <guild member C>: yes, para extra 300 attack is a mystery 

Hidden, server side stat bonuses in (enchanted) paragon equipment!?!?!? (the spreadsheet in the OP assumed no hidden stats...)

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I got lucky and enchanted that paragon +6 cannon to +7 with regular stones. yay! But sadly no hidden stats...

Tried with blessed stones from last stormwing event, got lucky got it to +8 using just 21 stones (2.1% success rate each). But still don't see any hidden stats..

Added a +23 magic attack stone into it, still no hidden stats

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@The Secret Cow Level if you wanted some extra info thrown at you from my observations, i will tell you that my sin has a +8 paragon dagger that, while dual wielding and with manastones subtracted, yields an extra 586 attack over a +15 Fighting Spirit dagger (attack is retuned on FS dagger to 270/275).  however, if i remove my offhand weapon, the paragon dagger only yields an extra 21 attack.  on templar i have a +8 paragon sword, however, it only yields an extra 26 attack over the +15 Fighting Spirit sword (which is also rolled to 265/275 on retune).   so at that point, i was wondering if maybe the higher increase in attack was strictly for the dagger.  but then i found someone who has a paragon dagger on their glad and the situation was the same.  there was only a slight increase to the attack of using paragon dagger over a fighting spirit dagger.  so my question would be, was the person in legion chat a sin by chance?  cuz at this point, i feel maybe it is more so about the class than the weapon.  i thought maybe it had something to do with sins passive and that maybe advanced dual wielding 5 passive is having more than just an effect on weapon damage.  ive had my dagger since pre 8.0 and ever since 8.0 came out and i got a fighting spirit dagger, ive been trying to figure out where the extra damage comes from.

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