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Bows. Green attack, white attack, maths.


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Hey there. I'm putting this here as it can be useful to people.

Damage formula atm is (in PvE and with a crit)


Dmg = ((base skill damage + white attack) * (class power/100) + Green attack + shards) * (Crit coeff - (Strike fortitude/1000)) * Modifiers - (Pdef / 10)

Modifier = Focused shots (yes it is applied there), damage multiplier from skill (Stunning shot multiplier is 50% to 200% for example).
From this we can deduce that green or white attack are equal when it comes to a crit.
For further maths, I therefore take a normal hit to simplify.
For rangers, class power = 100.


Dmg = (base skill damage + white attack + Green attack + shards)

For rangers, buffs like Bestial fury and other buffs saying "increase attack by X%" go into the "green attack".

Taking Stunning shot for a lvl 55 ranger, taha bow +10 merged with pvp, with bestial fury on, this would make :
Dmg = 745+369+(50% of 369)+manastones and other bonuses from pauldron/belt
Dmg = 1298.5+manastones and other bonuses

With Tac NCO bow +10 instead
Dmg = 745+390+(50% of 390)+manastones and other bonuses
Dmg = 1334.5+manastones and other bonuses

The difference is obvious : Tac bow is supposed to be better. That is if you have the same manastones and bonuses.
This is where weapon bonuses come in play.
Tac bow base accuracy and crit are low and its attack is 6 lower than taha. To compensate to reach the same stats, you'll have to compensate by manastones. Once you reach the same accu/crit, you can then socket attack +5. Basically 4 accuracy manastones + 5 crit, 9 manastones. Taha has 5 slots, so 10.
So taha bonus from manastones will always be 50 attack higher. Taha also has 36 attack bonus stats while Tac has 30. So this bonus is 56.

From a math pov and with the goal to compare which weapon is best, we can reduce this by saying (where x = buff multiplier and y is the total green attack of the worse of the two bows)

Taha dmg = 745 + 369 + x*369 + y + 56
Tac dmg = 745 + 390 + x*390 + y

Let's resolve Taha dmg > Tac dmg

745 + 369 + x*369 + y + 56 > 745 + 390 + x*390 + y 
x*369 + 56 + 369 >  x*390 + 390
35 > 390x-369x
35 > (390-369)x
35 > 21x
x < 35/21 
x < 1.66

So it means unless you can have a buff that gives you more than 166% attack dmg, Taha will be better than Tac NCO's bow.

From this, I deduced a generic formula to decide which bow is better

M1 = Number of free manastones slot for Attack +5 for Bow1 when target accu/crit are reached
M2 = Number of free manastones slot for Attack +5 for Bow2 when target accu/crit are reached
A1 = White attack of Bow 1 (base stat + enchant + fusion)
A2 = White attack of Bow 2 (base stat + enchant + fusion)
BA1 = Bonus attack of Bow1 (the line below the base stats)
BA2 = Bonus attack of Bow2 (the line below the base stats)


X = 100 * ((M1 - M2) * 5 + (BA1 - BA2) + (A1-A2)) / (A2-A1)

If X is negative, it means one of the two bows is always better (as negative buffs don't exist). Closer to 0 means bows are close to equal.
If X is positive, it means both bow are equal when you reach X% buff, which means one is better than the other. (But that shouldn't be hard to guess)


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  • Gear enchants add to white attack
  • Powers Shards add to white attack
  • Skill damage (not the value shown in skill tooltip) add to green attack (i.e. +attack manastones)
    • Skill damage examples:
      • +7 Deadshot: 355
      • +2 Heart Shot II: 913
      • +2 Lethal Arrow II:  2,043
      • Unerring Arrow I: 1,236
      • +1 Silence Arrow VI: 102

      • +8 Surprise Attack V: 0

  • Percentage-based attack buffs are calculated from white attack (this do not apply to Focused Shots, which is applied after adding green attack)
    • Bow of Blessing I (20%)
    • Transformation: Krall (10~13%)
    • Speed of the Wind I (10% when wielding bow)
    • Strong Shots I (5%)
    • Bestial Fury I (50%)
    • Sharpen Arrows I (10%)
    • Advanced Archery Training (2~8%)
  • Modifiers also include movement modifier (such as +10% for forward, activated after 1 seconds of continuous movement, applied before deduction from defense)
  • Crit damage multiplier is applied after defense deduction (basically after everything else)
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I've taken 2 different sources that say the same things as my physical damage formula.

https://aion.jeuxonline.info/article/13909/formules-calcul#Dégâts physiques en PvE




They both say power shards don't add to base attack. In any case, it doesn't matter in a comparison case since they would give the exact same value in both cases.

And everything else you say is basicaly what I used, except from the skill dmg. But since in my formula it is multiplied by (100/100), it acts as if it wasn't multiplied at all and just added to green attack, which is what you are saying.

So to sum it up, my conclusion is still true if all you're looking to do is a comparison and not a damage calculation.

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