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[8.3] Apsaranta Corps Quests

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Scroll to around page 27 for the new corps:


  • Corps replaced, renown level restarts at 1
    • Demolition Sword -> Catastrophic Arrow
    • Immortal Shield -> Stormbearer
  • New quests added to home sites quests random pool
    • (Unused) Kaisinel Legion Garrison
    • (Unused) Marchutan Legion Garrison
  • [Elite] Mysterious Io Creature no longer awards 1.5 million AP
  • Previously Elite 1-day quests (with 3-day quests worth of renown) are now 3-day quests
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1 hour ago, Miza said:

Can't even do corps quest if base can't even be captured. The 4 extra new mobs that guard the base when balaur has insane health and can't be trained out they reset instantly.

Yes, Apsaranta is a true empty map, I haven't been able to make any quests since yesterday, I am Asmodian and the map is ususally 100% elyos, today it was halfway elyos and halfway balaur, which means since Ardath nobody bothered to claim the balaur ones back and that was like half a day ago.

They need to bring an NPC in the bases that gives the quests and receives the quest, heck they can make it prestige users only if they want. Apsaranta is turned totally non friendly since 8.2!

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