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Best PVE Setup for Spiritmaster


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After best Spiritmaster stigma setup for:

  • Udas U/L
  • Besh HM
  • Dark Poeta S Rank

Currently using a split stigma build that includes Infernal Pain but also Armor spirit from the other line to ensure 100% chance of erosion landing on target. Any value to forsaking this for a full stigma line into infernal blight? Is this worth it for high end dungeons? I'm also using fire spirit + Spirit Wall of Protection for +16% phys damage in groups with glads/ranger/sins etc.

Any suggestions valued.



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This is going to show you people who got the most crits in a 30 second fight, had 100% uptime on every buff imaginable, had low pings, animation hacks, etc.

The sad answer is this community doesn't do theorycraft. They talked about this a lot in the first years of retail. The moment the game went pay to win, the collective IQ dropped, leaving us with nothing but button mashing wallet warriors.


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