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Question regarding the stormwing egg event to the GM/Ncsoft.


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This time, are you guys going to let people exploit/abuse the restoration token for players to transfer stormwing egg to reap off the benefits of multiple (egg reward of the level) such as legendary apostle transformation box at lvl 8 egg? 

The last stormwing egg event, a lot of players exploited restoration tokens to transfer their egg ( a loophole) at lvl 8, to gain multiple level 8 egg reward ( [Event] Legendary Apsotle Transformation Contract Selection Box (12 types).  

This time, are you going to make the same mistake again? Or is it actually legal now? This needs to be answered.


If using restoration tokens to transfer egg to other characters under same account is considered as an exploit/illegal, please state that restoration tokens of transferring stormwing egg is prohibited during this event. Otherwise, we will assume the exploit/loophole is legal. 


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