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  1. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    I was being sarcastic.
  2. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    I'm not crying, but I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I like it either. I suppose I could just not use the transformation scrolls at all and everyone can call me a noob if they wish.
  3. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    Why would we need skins when we'll be running around 24/7 in ugly, fat panda suits?
  4. 6.0?

    Not going to lie, I'm thankful for the extra time I've been given to prepare for the worst of 6.0. On the other hand, I get why the majority of the playerbase is getting so irritated waiting. It is hard to believe we have been sitting on this update for so long with no word from the team whatsoever, but this is ncwest so I guess we shouldn't have expected better. lol
  5. Questions about items in 6.2

    You just spent 2 Luna's Light for a meager 1,000 kinah? Ncsoft truly is in the business of punishing its playerbase. What a disgrace.
  6. To think something as simple as this could make such a huge difference to so many.
  7. Questions about items in 6.2

    @Capa-KT Thanks for the heads up! Even though the news is very upsetting, I'm glad to have the opportunity to prepare for these changes thanks to people like you who take it upon themselves to spread useful (and accurate) information. That certainly would be good know, considering I've been storing particular items such as cabinets for a while now.
  8. Questions about items in 6.2

    Is it possible I hate this patch more now than I did at the beginning? -___- What about housing decor? Can you still craft furniture items (such as cabinets) through the Luna shop, or did they remove them as well? For a game that is suppose to be free-to-play, they sure are cracking down on freebies aren't they?
  9. Truth about 6.0

    Please, don't take your frustrations with certain members of the community out on everyone else who has legit concerns. There is a lot if misinformation and confusion regarding this update and I simply do not have the time to read and decipher the authenticity of every single post. Thanks for the information you are providing us, but please try to be a bit more tolerant --- and that goes for everyone else here as well!
  10. Truth about 6.0

    ^ That's the single most depressing thing I've ever seen. I'd sooner quit the game altogether than spend my day running around in a panda suit. Is spending real cash the only way to obtain gold bars and hide these ugly transformations? Because I'm not paying to see my own character fight mobs. That's absurd.
  11. I'm all for the idea of new maps. I just wish with the removal of so many that they had thought to enlarge the ones they kept. I am also pretty put-off by the player who said they managed to fully level a toon on Korean servers in as little as three days (while casually playing). I have a feeling those players who prefer a more leisurely pace wont have much say in how fast they level through content.
  12. Questions about localize 6.0 for NA region

    Even though we won't be getting more character slots with 6.0, I firmly believe they should consider doing so in the future. As someone who is extremely money-conscious, I can honestly say that if NCWest added a way to purchase additional character slots through the black cloud market, I would gladly throw some money at them. Just saying!
  13. 6.0 info

    I can't tell you how upset I am about the trading restrictions. No matter how hard I try to stay positive -- and I've come a long way since first reading about 6.0 -- I just can't get on board with it. It's bad enough I won't be able to trade any items between my storage account and my main account, but even after I trade all of my goods to my main account, I will still not be able to distribute them how I wish. Don't get me wrong, I understand the reason why they are getting rid of player-to-player transactions, but limiting what we can trade on our own accounts is a terrible inconvenience that is going to hurt a lot of players. I just think ncwest would be doing us a huge favor if they kept our account warehouses restriction-free.
  14. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    I'd quit right then and there.
  15. The best clothes of all time in Aion

    Does that mean my Templar can't wear any of the old chain armor sets I've been stocking up on after 6.0 hits? Damn fine time to find that out!