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  1. Feedback Update: Events

    100% agreed! I absolutely love being with my legionmates, and helping out new players is also really rewarding. What ISN'T rewarding is grouping up with others for an instance or World Boss and not getting a single thing for your trouble! As far as the idea of PVP-centered events, I think that would be a fun change of pace, as long as you offer an alternative for the part of the community that does not want to PVP. There's no point in excluding players from events because they are simply not geared or do not wish to get steamrolled by the opposing faction. On that note, I think group PVP is much more exciting, so make sure there are event quests that can be completed solo OR in a group so players have a choice. When it comes to rewards, I would jump at the chance to earn Ultimate Enchantment Stones!!!
  2. Outstanding! Thank you!
  3. [Event] Event Coins

    I must have missed the announcement where they said they were going to remove the current Event Coin NPC. 😐 I wonder if I will still be able to purchase my Sov weapon?
  4. Event Vault advice

    Thanks to everyone for the helpful tips. 🙂 Honestly, sometimes the hardest thing about this instance is that nobody takes the time to talk about the game-plan before entering, they just rush in and expect everyone to know what to do. I've noticed this with regular instances as well. Everyone is in such a hurry they don't even wait for the entire party to enter the instance before they start randomly killing.
  5. Event Vault advice

    I've run this event instance three times now with the same group (we are all noobs to the mechanics) and the highest rank we've achieved is B rank. You are absolutely right, killing that mecha boss is a huge pain the ass even with the additional Power Rangers there to back you up. We actually managed to kill that boss the last time we ran it with about 2 mins left on the clock, but it took so long for the Baroness to spawn that we had no chance to take her down in the end. I would sure like to know what we are doing wrong because this really shouldn't be so hard.
  6. Windstream in katalam

    Maybe you could post up an screenshot of the map and circle the exact spot you are talking about? I'm not even sure if you are talking the Asmo side or Elyos side.
  7. Altars Appearing Balaur Owned

    I would very much like to see this glitch fixed as well. Nearly all quests on this map require you to know which altar is owned by which race. It is very annoying to be in the middle of questing and have to "return" to Gelk and then port back into Demaha just to continue with what I am doing.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    Hey guys, at least we got that new launcher we've been asking for! 😂
  9. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    ^ I agree with you, and I am not against the idea of a universal currency. However, it would be nice if we could get compensation for the outdated currencies. I think NCWest should be better than Korea and give us the opportunity to directly exchange a number of Titan Coins/BMs/Genesis Crystals for a stack of XP marks. I've never liked the idea of tossing out something I've spent months and months gathering, and Lumiel's Transmutation looks like a total scam. What are the odds of you actually getting the 30 XP marks? I bet close to zero!
  10. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    So what, should I start spending all of the tokens and coins I've been busting my butt for for weeks now on junk to disassemble? I am not looking forward to tossing them all into a smoking couldron and hoping I get something good out them. 🙄 I guess I really shouldn't bother purchasing that second set of accessories for Healing Boost now? I have the full Ulti Fierce Katalam accessory set as it is, but if both sets are going to be replaced with ones that can be retuned and have higher stats, it is kind of pointless to spend more time and money on these. Also, should I hold off on purchasing any Ulti Fierce Katalam armor? I know it is a nightmare to try and get the pieces, and it might not be worth the hassle at this point. What about the Ultimate PVP armor you can purchase with genesis crystals in Lakrum? Should I buy that set while I still can so I have a decent PVP set to start off with? (I don't have Ulti DT)
  11. New Launcher but Pin Error not fixed yet?

    It's a really sad state of affairs when the people who claim to want to help and care about you continue to let you down over and over again. Unfortunately, I'm having tremendous problems with this new launcher and I have nobody else to turn to. Since updating I have experienced the following issues every time I try to launch the game: Launcher initiates but does not load – happens all the time When launching Aion, the logo appears on screen but the client immediately crashes – happens multiple times in a row When the loading screen reaches 100%, the client freezes up and crashes – happens nearly every time the game has to load from scratch In short, this is making it nearly impossible to log on to the game and causing me unwarranted stress and anxiety. Between the new launcher failing and the client problems like the PIN bug we’ve been dealing with for what feels like forever, I am at my wits end with this company. I am spending more time trying to launch this forsaken game than actually playing! For those who are interested or may be experiencing the same problems, I have tried uninstalling the old launcher to eliminate conflict with the old files. I have also added the new launcher and Aion to my list of permitted programs on my antivirus and firewall. I have even tried reinstalling the new launcher from scratch in case something went awry during the initial installation. Truthfully, I fear if @Kibbelz or @Loki can't pass the message along and give me some help, I might just have a breakdown and call it quits!
  12. New Launcher

    You don't know why people are making a big deal? Speaking for myself, I had little to no problem at all launching the game with the old launcher. The worst thing about the old launcher for me was having to wait for it to "load" the game files. Now with this new launcher, I have problems getting it to run the game at all, and sometimes when the loading screen reaches 100% the window freezes up and crashes.
  13. New Launcher but Pin Error not fixed yet?

    @Kibbelz, since we are all talking about the new launcher: Can you please tell us if the "Default Installation path" is suppose to be set for the location of the launcher folder, or the location of the Aion game folder? For example, I have the nc launcher installed on my C: drive, but the actual Aion game folder is installed on my D: drive. Which location should I have this set for? Thank you!
  14. New Launcher but Pin Error not fixed yet?

    I was saying the same thing. 🤣
  15. New Launcher

    Anyone know if we can delete the old NCwest folder that holds the old NClauncher files and download?