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  1. 6.0? I thought a new version meant new content

    We got new server names because a merge was required due to the dwindling population of the player-base, not because we got a major patch.
  2. Alts Post 6.0

    The thing to remember is, in 6.0 we won't be able to trade between our accounts anymore, so if you want to hold onto anything extra for your main, the alts you have must be on the same account you plan on using the items on.
  3. Aion June Preview

    Whatever you might have would be amazingly helpful, thank you! Voltric is my main DN-asmo.
  4. Aion June Preview

    Can we please get crafting boost charms from the giving grove this year? I'm trying to level my construction before 6.0 hits and I can't always make it on for the boost weekend.
  5. I hope we get a chance to see some of the submissions as well. I've always thought it was kind of odd that the community doesn't have any say in who wins these contests, but I suppose it is less messy this way. Kudos to everyone who sent one in!
  6. Windows 10 users requesting help with xigncode3

    I'm glad to know the fix is still working for some. I'm afraid you are right about the incompatibility issues coming down to the tiny details. It is a real shame if players are unable to play the game because of some silly anti-cheat software. I hope enough players will send in their logs so that we can all get the game up and running again.
  7. Windows 10 users requesting help with xigncode3

    @Kadeth-KT As I stated in a previous post, my fix has reported failed twice now, once on my own computer and once on a friend's. For some reason, despite the setting changes working perfectly well at fist, now it refuses to accept them. It is the most bizarre thing I have experienced.
  8. Windows 10 users requesting help with xigncode3

    Thanks for the response, but many of us have already tried contacting the support staff via ticket and didn't get much of an answer. I'll do as you say and submit a ticket, but I highly doubt it will amount to anything.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 23, 2018

    @Vantheria-DN Unfortunately for many users like myself, we were unable to block the update or got the notice late that there was even a problem. Windows is as much to blame for this ridiculous mess as NCWest, but unlike dealing with Windows, we SHOULD have the ability to easily get in contact with a representative and have our concerns addressed.
  10. Windows 10 users requesting help with xigncode3

    UPDATE: I want everyone to be aware that the temporary fix I provided above has now failed on two separate occasions. After a routine launcher update today, my computer began blocking the xigncode module, despite the setting changes I made several days ago. A friend of mine also experienced the same issue yesterday out of the blue. At this time, the only way around this reoccurring incompatibility issue is to do the following: Go to your desktop and right-click the Aion icon Click Properties at the bottom of the list Select the Compatibility tab Find the Compatibility mode section. Select Run this program in compatibility mode. Chose the latest version of windows that is listed (mine is Windows 8) Apply the changes and launch Aion Once again, this is only a temporary fix and I have no idea how long this work-around will suffice. I strongly urge EVERYONE to flood the forums with requests for help concerning this Xigncode/Windows 10 incompatibility issue. The more we talk about it and demand answers, the likelier we will get a response. Thank you.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 23, 2018

    Can we at least get an acknowledgment that you guys are aware of the problems still occurring with xigncode and Windows 10? Numerous players I have spoken to this week have been unable to launch Aion for weeks, DESPITE the compatibility update you performed back on the 8th. Why should a large chunk of the playerbase be unable to play the game they love because you guys can't take the time to address their concerns? Even if it means you have to contact Windows management and inform them of the problem, is it really that difficult? People are getting tired and frustrated with the lack of support they are receiving, and I am getting tired of having to log every day and see that nothing has changed. Please let us know something is being done!
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 16, 2018

    For the record, I think it is beyond ridiculous that the playerbase has to rely on itself to solve these types of issues. Clearly, despite everyone's best efforts, our temporary fixes to get Aion up and running again are falling short. @Cyan I hate to point fingers, but as you are the most active representative we rely on, I am asking you to please converse with the team and make them aware that the issue still remains. A large number of players have contacted me recently looking for instruction. I took it upon myself to try and help these people, but it should not be my responsibility. We need the Aion team to take another look at the problem and give us some answers so we can get Aion up and running again FOR ALL. Thank you
  13. Windows 10 users requesting help with xigncode3

    Due to the amount of players asking for assistance, I am posting up instructions here rather than pming everyone individually. xigncode3 / windows 10 fix Open Windows Defender Security Center (program is pre-installed on your computer) Choose App and Browser Control Scroll down page to the bottom and click Exploit Protection Settings Select Program Settings (at the top of the page) Click Add Program to Customize Select Choose Exact File Path In the File Name search bar, type C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\NCLauncher.exe and click Open. A Program Settings window will pop up with NCLauncher.exe in the header. Find the Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) setting at the top of the list. Checkmark Override System Settings and toggle the switch to the OFF position. Leave all other settings unchecked and then click Apply. Relaunch the Aion client. Note: you may need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect. Good luck!!!
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 16, 2018

    @Wistara-KT @Girlygirlplaygir-KT I sent you both a PM.