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  1. It took me over an hour yesterday to get the game up and running after crashing and burning countless times. I was literally reduced to tears from the amount of frustration I experienced. In contrast, today I was able to launch and load the game without much incident. In my mind this only proves how unstable this launcher and the game client truly are. This needs to be investigated. @Kibbelz I know you've all been on break, but when can we expect to hear from you guys that you are taking these reports seriously and are looking into possible solutions? I am tired of contacting tech support
  2. I thought about this too and I'd love to see it happen. Would almost make up for all the wasted time I spent during this event.
  3. I too would like to know if my 3k+ meloons will be deleted. To think I spent so much time farming them just to have them deleted because I couldn't buy anything from the special merchants.
  4. I did submit a ticket to tech support about the issues I have been experiencing. First they asked me to set the graphics processor I was using to run Aion to the Nvidia processor, but I got no results. Next they wanted me to go into my command prompt and disable all Microsoft startup programs. They seem to be grasping at straws to come up with an answer for me. I am not a tech, so asking me to troubleshoot and make changes to my system configuration when everything was running beautifully before the nc launcher changes last year seems foolish. @Cheese I do not run any additional programs
  5. 😯I have been having the same problem with the game client freezing on the NC logo. The animation freezes and the entire window along with it. I am forced to X off of the client and relaunch the game. Even after exiting out of the client window however, the launcher tends to think I am still "playing" the game and sometimes I am forced to restart my computer before I can attempt a relaunch. This is the fourth reoccurring problem I have experienced with the game client since this new launcher was released. Many times when I launch the game either the client crashes immediately, or the load
  6. Just so you are aware, you can get this exact skin by killing the raid boss that spawns in Gelkmaros (in the Netherworld) and Inggison (in Calmheart Grove), every day at 12pm, 2pm, 8pm and 12am server time during the event period. Should be relatively easy to get now considering how long the event has been running.
  7. Thank you all for taking the time to address this issue and not making us wait until next Wednesday!
  8. @5s2C40D6-DN It all has to do with time management, not the difficulty of the task. Nowhere did I say it was "hard" or difficult to farm mobs. I just wish I didn't have to spend quite so much time farming when I have many other things to do during this event period. I think that is a reasonable thing to consider.
  9. Honestly, the only thing that is overwhelming me right now is the sheer amount of Meloons needed to buy anything worthwhile. In a perfect world Daeva Dash wouldn't be running at the same time as the Solorius event because as mentioned, we already have double the instance runs we normally have during the week and trying to squeeze in meloon farming AND Daeva Dash is a tad much. When you add in the fact I need to stay up until 1AM to farm small and large game for +9 stigmas and kinah bundles.... Oh well, I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. 😂 At least we all have something to do!
  10. @Kibbelz It says in the event announcement that "All players will receive an [Event] Solorius Festival Gift Bundle each hour they remain logged in during the event." I have been logged in now for 3 hours and have not received a single solorius gift bundle. It also states "Each night starting at 11:00 PM server time and lasting for 1 hour, all Small and Big Game monsters in Inggison and Gelkmaros will gain a chance at bonus drops." There is a chance of getting +9 stigma bundles and ultimate manastone bundles. 11PM server time is 12AM eastern time. You expect east-coasters to stay up until
  11. @Archangelos-KT The only way I can see them preventing this type of cheating in the future is if they got rid of the gliding altogether. Put up a portal at the finish line like the one they added to bypass the mount section of the race. This will keep players from re-entering the racetrack and causing unnecessary drama. @Kibbelz, could you please pass this idea along? And before anyone accuses me of being a sore loser, that simply isn't the case. I'm not complaining about the guy who uses an orb to bind me at the finish line and takes first place. I am complaining about someone abusing th
  12. I love how the answer to someone exploiting something is for everyone else to exploit it too. So much for them fixing the race.
  13. I think players would be more inclined to pay for skins off the BCM if they didn't have to worry about that silly one-time use restriction. As @Arhangelos-KT and @Vantheria-DN implied, people are hoarding skins like crazy in this game because they know that the moment they actually apply them to a piece of armor, they are gone forever. If ncwest truly wants to make a profit selling skins again, they need to remove this restriction. I believe more people would be willing to pay money for skins if they felt they were making smart purchases. I also think skin hoarders would be more inclined to re
  14. This is a great improvement! Thank you guys so much! ⭐
  15. @Archangelos-KT, thank you for the tip. 🙂 I participated in the first Daeva Dash event as well, and while this one bug irritates the heck out of me, this newer version of the race appears to be much less buggy overall. @Kibbelz, thank you very much! To be honest, I didn't send a ticket to support because I figured I'd get a much faster response doing it this way. Next time I'll write a ticket AND start a new thread. 👍
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