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  1. It is more than 'a little' unfair. Think about how rare some of these apostles are and how much players are benefiting from completing collections they had no way to complete before. Not to mention, we are talking about ethics here. You can't ethically offer a service to people and then without warning stop offering it "just because". There was no notice the rules were going to be changed. They just decided to stop offering it without a just explanation.
  2. As many have rightly called out, this change is completely unacceptable and only widens the gap between players. It is blatantly obvious they would rather hand out special treatment to a fraction of the playerbase and have the rest of us shoving more money down their pants pockets to try and catch up, than manage a fair event for all.
  3. Wow, so since there is so much to comment on, I'll just start by naming one thing off the top of my head that is driving me insane and actually ties in with one of the bullet points the OP addressed. Could you PLEASE please increase the number of enchantment stone exchange tickets we can purchase in a week? Just so you are aware, right now there are only two vendors that sell exchange tickets once per week: the Demaha renown merchant in Gelk that sells 5 tickets to exchange 5 legendary enchantment stones for 1 Ultimate, and the one Stellin merchant in Demaha that appears in a friendly alt
  4. Do you have a working email address he can use? He tried one address for support, but said he didn't get a response.
  5. Hello, @Kibbelz @Loki A friend of mine, Rag - DN, has been experiencing problems logging into his account for about a month now. He can't login to the forums, website or submit a ticket to support. He's tried switching browsers multiple times and clearing his cookies/cache, but nothing has worked. Because he can't contact support or log in here to ask for assistance, he has asked me to post up this video in the hope someone will be able to assist him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6FW3M5MXFk&feature=youtu.be Thank you
  6. The entrance to the Garden of Growth will be in Inggison or Gelkmaros Fortress. It looks like a big floating gate, so you can't miss it. You'll want good dps to keep up with the respawning mobs, and be sure to set up your skill rotation in the auto-hunt tool before you enter.
  7. I think they should tie the Luna bundles to the Lugbug Daily Reward, rather than a single kill quest. And yes, give us the equivalent of 8 bundles per quest completion as you suggested. That will keep people from having to hunt down mobs on 8 different toons just to collect the mats they need to play the game.
  8. I agree with you! I am not a fan of this feature at all, but perhaps that is because I actually took the entire hour to observe rather than afk. The 5-skill rotation is terrible for anyone who needs self-heals; instead of 5 attack skills per rotation, you get 4. Because I am a caster and some of my skills have lengthy cooldowns, there were times where my toon just stood there auto-smacking the mobs. I had to keep interrupting the rotation to throw in additional hits because it felt like I was taking forever to down one mob. Perhaps with some adjusting I can get it to work properly, but at thi
  9. Just please stop with the "no name" people. Maybe these people aren't as well known as you are, but they are real people who play the game and their opinions are also valid. We can't have a real conversation here if people are too afraid to voice their concerns and if people are too stubborn to listen to both sides. Honestly, I hate that this game has become so boring, repetitive and hard to progress in. The game developers would rather promote afk events and botting than do something productive to actually address the problems they've created. It is like they have totally forgotten what
  10. It took me over an hour yesterday to get the game up and running after crashing and burning countless times. I was literally reduced to tears from the amount of frustration I experienced. In contrast, today I was able to launch and load the game without much incident. In my mind this only proves how unstable this launcher and the game client truly are. This needs to be investigated. @Kibbelz I know you've all been on break, but when can we expect to hear from you guys that you are taking these reports seriously and are looking into possible solutions? I am tired of contacting tech support
  11. I thought about this too and I'd love to see it happen. Would almost make up for all the wasted time I spent during this event.
  12. I too would like to know if my 3k+ meloons will be deleted. To think I spent so much time farming them just to have them deleted because I couldn't buy anything from the special merchants.
  13. I did submit a ticket to tech support about the issues I have been experiencing. First they asked me to set the graphics processor I was using to run Aion to the Nvidia processor, but I got no results. Next they wanted me to go into my command prompt and disable all Microsoft startup programs. They seem to be grasping at straws to come up with an answer for me. I am not a tech, so asking me to troubleshoot and make changes to my system configuration when everything was running beautifully before the nc launcher changes last year seems foolish. @Cheese I do not run any additional programs
  14. 😯I have been having the same problem with the game client freezing on the NC logo. The animation freezes and the entire window along with it. I am forced to X off of the client and relaunch the game. Even after exiting out of the client window however, the launcher tends to think I am still "playing" the game and sometimes I am forced to restart my computer before I can attempt a relaunch. This is the fourth reoccurring problem I have experienced with the game client since this new launcher was released. Many times when I launch the game either the client crashes immediately, or the load
  15. Just so you are aware, you can get this exact skin by killing the raid boss that spawns in Gelkmaros (in the Netherworld) and Inggison (in Calmheart Grove), every day at 12pm, 2pm, 8pm and 12am server time during the event period. Should be relatively easy to get now considering how long the event has been running.
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