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Max update ?


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Hello, i have some question.

I know aion classic want a return to the source but until what update ? We were talking about level 50 max but we are already lelev 55 with ingginson.

Will they stop there or continue as normal aion and bring out the updates until the gunner who is the turning point of the game or stop there and release new things and venture into unknown territory?

Because back to basics is awesome, but hopefully it won't spin like normal aion and stay at aion classic.

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I don't think that anyone can say anything regarding that and be sure about it. As far as we know, it will go until 2.7 which is the client version.

I'm hoping for a "new 3.0" if it gets to that (meaning a new patch and not the old 3.0).

Unless some Korean can set some light on the matter...

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The Classic client contains original Aion content (zones and instances) up to 2.7. That is what NCSoft originally said the game content will eventually contain up to.

Some feature that debuted from later version have been backported to the Classic client:

  • Mass open container items
  • Broker split sales
  • Cube for quest items and etc
  • Equipment sets
  • Instance entry count instead of cooldown hours after entry
  • PvP ELO seasonal ranking

Some game content additions added to classic server in a modified form:

  • Lowbie area elite mobs nerf (original 3.0 still had elite mobs in these areas)
  • Full Steel Rake solo instance (original 3.0 only converted middle floor into a solo instance)
  • Noshanta Training Camp?

Brand new features added to Classic server first before Refly servers:

  • Wardrobe
  • Daeva Pass

Brand new classic-exclusive content:

  • Tiak

(This list may not be exhaustive)

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1 hour ago, Kyriin said:

In fact, it can be nice if they don't make the same mistakes as Aion. See what they do with it. I can't wait to see the sequel

Not sure what game are you playing but Classic is full of P2W already.

Beginner Pass, Event Pass every other month (or monthly sometimes), Default Pass, Returnee Pass, Bundles for Quna every other month, Candy, Pets...

I'm not even going to add RMT to that list because that is completely out of control with people buying billions of kinah (yes, billions) since RMT kinah is very cheap now...

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