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New Class for classic, seriously ncsoft?


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First of all, I don't speak English and I'm using a translator, I'm almost sure there will be mistakes for not translating 100% correctly, but I hope you can understand me. and sorry about that.

I think this is a total disrespect to Aion retail, the community that has always been in Aion and never abandoned it is being completely forgotten, what is the logic of putting a NEW class in Aion Classic ??? I've been playing since the beginning of 1.5 and of course ''classic'' Aion only has the name, because that there is no longer classic when things from the current Aion were added to it.

I find it extremely wrong to add (qualities of life) which are Aion Retail qualities in classic or anything other than the REAL version of classic, don't get me wrong, I loved playing Aion classic but that was many years ago today nowadays i prefer retail and i just see it being ignored completely because of classic, go to the events page and look how many events aion classic has among other things.

I'm not a classic hater, don't get me wrong if there are any classic players reading this, but in my opinion ncsoft has disrespected the players who have always been playing Aion to this day when they decided to do classic.

this for me was a slap in the face to see them working on a new class for classic instead of retail, to maybe help raise player numbers with a possible ''hype'' of a new class.

Sorry but I needed to vent about this, I thought it was a complete lack of consideration.



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The new class is a physical leather and will be ONLY on Classic.

If you scroll through the list of updates (https://aion.plaync.com/history/home) it's pretty obvious where the developer's focus is... 'cause money.

They are also focused on Throne & Liberty, their mobile titles, and if the leak list is to be believed we should be getting an announcement about Aion 2 sometime next month.

The website for A2 hasn't been updated yet tho. https://aion2.plaync.com/ And it may end up being strictly mobile.

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