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Remove the NA region custom nerf to Lifebreaker and Veilbraker renown

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Lifebreaker and Veilbreaker quests should award the following renown amounts.

  • 1 day quests: 7,140
  • 3 day quests: 24,990
  • 7 day quests: 42,840

But who the hell at NCWest decided to request custom regional renown nerf for these two legions?

  • 1 day quests: 2,020
  • 3 day quests: 7,070
  • 7 day quests: 12,120

It takes about 385,560 renown to reach level 3. To reach level 3 Lifebreaker / Veilbreaker under current NA numbers (and Breath of Life / Faith's Herald under standard numbers):

  • 191 1-day quests
  • 55 3-day quests

Note that Lifebreaker / Veilbreaker will be swapped out with a different legion in the middle of Sacred Relic Season 3, which start at level 1 again and players will have to relevel up renown for the new mid-season legion.

Level 3 renown of Lifebreaker / Veilbreaker and Breath of Life / Faith's Herald, the second dispatch quest awards Empyrean's Lord Holy Water. NCWest makes the one from the first legion impossible

See Apsaranta quest lists:

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