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Auto Hunt Hiccups


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The auto hunt feature has had its own set of issues since it has been in the game. I haven't really seen many people talk about it on here but I can name a few issues I've been having.

While farming I have seen that my character stops attacking the mob even though the auto hunt in engaged. Sometimes I must manually move my character away from the mob in order for it to start attacking again or press pause and play again.

There are also times when there aren't any mobs present and my character decides to do this weird hop and back pedal until I jump off of the map and instantly die or just run into the wall backwards. I've watched my character do this countless times. (Especially in Elite Mob Areas when you must run inside a cave area) Being stuck in the back pedal jump motion even after they have respawned inside with you.

I know its not a full proof system and it's not a high priority BUT it would be nice to have it operate more smoothly. Maybe I'm asking too much 😅

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