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Discussing recent forum happenings


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I'll begin by saying that there has been a series of deleted and locked threads lately, the contents of which I will only allude to in the vaguest of terms, hoping to keep this one up while still having a conversation.

Many of us are aware that we have new NC team members interacting with our community now; they may not be new employees, but they are new names and faces if nothing else. And I feel they are not putting a good foot forward. As a community with limited access to the people running our game, we've come to value transparency and communication from the NC team above all else. Repeatedly deleting threads in this fashion is... not ideal. Personally I am appalled that apparently we cannot even say a public goodbye to your predecessors.

Furthermore, one of the first major things our previous point of contact did was launch a massive banwave. RIP gold sellers, you will not be missed. ✌️

Rather than target the active bullies, cheaters, hackers, botters, and various RMTraders within the playerbase (I am not here to name and shame these pathetic existences, but we all know), we have had a random and seemingly decent/honest player completely permabanned. Wot.

I cannot vouch for this person's character; we've never spoken and don't play in the same circles. But I do know that the remaining players in Aion on both factions have a lot of shared history- drama, relationships, grudges, and general bad blood. And with that in mind, I really think it is worth noting that in all of the threads regarding this banned player, not a single person has popped in the be like, "Nah they suck actually." I haven't even seen a hackusation. O.o

If anything, shouldn't the person who sent in a report be investigated and penalized? Since abusing the report system in this way is an actual offense. :P (Wish I knew who got me temp banned for "impersonating a GM" last year, the little nyerk.)

Just some food for thought.

Oh, and #Justice for [REDACTED]


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I can not be accused of using hacks or bots because I have never used them, in any case if I used these programs I would already have a lot of kinah, a lot of things in the game, I have not even been able to get my yornforge out since it became available, I have been around 14 attempts (9 attempts with the buffo one and 4 to try the attack one) and nothing lol, not even being an account seller because there are no transactions to prove it, joking in lfg cannot be a serious report to defame a person.


On the other hand, the aion player community in general gives me their support and affirms the joke in lfg but they don't even take it into account as evidence.

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