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When will we be able to download the EU version to be ready for April 12th?

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I am currently playing from EU on the NA server. Aion classic in NA is version 2.5 but we will start 1.9 in EU if I am not wrong.

Will we have to download the game for EU, and if yes, when will it be available for download as the EU server opens up in 3 days?


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On 4/9/2023 at 7:14 PM, Zurl said:

The EU server has nothing to do with this forum.  It is not an NCwest server.

You will have to read the Gameforge forum for EU information.

No however there are player and posters here that are from the EU and can answer the question......as you see was done. Plus there are many players that play and visit forums outside of their region. I started playing Aion on EU based server. The lag was less and the people were nicer.......as you see was done.  Im actually wondering of it was delayed bue to this change of events? I mean GF is no doubt aware of the issues NCSW is having and dont want the same issue, so may be TRYING to renegotiate? But the sad fact of the matter, we in the NA might only be able to get any game related info from EU going live. IF they have DEVs that actually GAS about their players, it might be worth asking.......... 

Just saw this actually:


The EU version of AION recently went live on the Gameforge client, but unfortunately the MMORPG encountered some technical issues during the process. As the team works to fix these issues Gameforge announced today that the launch of AION Classic would be delayed.Apr 7, 2023

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