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Daeva Care Program for us maybe ?


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I don't know what's NA problem but most problems related to money so I'm going to talk a few things.

1.We need Mookie of NA,Mookie is shop care of EU who take charge all shop related and accept requests from players which items they want in the shop and add them.
2.Discount limited BCM items : You have to understand that most profits from the shop do not come form expensive items it come from cheap items,discount them and let people buy them you will get more profit than selling expensive items but rarely anyone bought it.
3.Once you got money from the shop use that money to hire people to remake your website and updated it,it's very important to have a updated website cause if anyone new to the game see outdated website and see it dead they will leave even before download the game the new website do not need to have detailed as much as old one just some basic information and people will join more.
4.Once you've got an updated website and got more players,use the money to hire staff to deal with hackers,this problem is wide spread because you didn't deal with them from the start,at first it started from minority people who use hacks and they didn't get ban so it's wide spread to all levels of players now from what I understand you don't want to ban high profile players because money you've got from them you may losing some money at initiate but it will come back later if you can clear the cheaters and save the game from the downfall,I see many games leads to the end because of hackers people just move to private servers because they banned cheaters.
5.You got more players and servers alive you can hire translators to update NA faster,if NA update faster than other regions you will even get more players and more money incomes.
6.You just save Aion from downfall at this point you can even consider to add more servers and stuff.

Thank you for reading I hope this message will get to Aion team :)

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