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Permanent fix for open world drop rates


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Can we buy a Key Loot Bundle? Basically, a key purchased only through Quna Bundle (1320 Quna or higher - sorry no cheapwad$) which guarantees a "Golden Daeva Key" which guarantees at least one of the following manastones:

MP +20

HP +20

Attack +1

Magic Boost +12


OR guarantees one of the following "Elite Stigma Shard Bundles":

5 Stigma Shards

10 Stigma Shards

15 Stigma Shards

20 Stigma Shards


OR guarantees that you at least receive one of the following "Loyal Quna Replacement Pack" back to your NC account:

10 Quna

20 Quna

30 Quna.

That way if you don't receive one of those Epic Manastones, the Elite Stigma Shard Bundles,  you can at the very least receive the Loyal Quna Replacement Pack (Courtesy of NCwest / NCMurica / NCsoft) to your account so that you can buy more Quna and attempt to Unlock Phat Elite Loots!

Thank you for your time! Please forward this to Korea! Thanks! Kwiii  (arigatou


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Your call for a "fix" assumes the drop rates are broken, which they are not.

It's a conscious decision made by the Korean developers, first applied back in February to their servers, and more recently to the other servers around the world.

They don't want world drops to be significant. Get over it, and run instances or do quests instead.


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