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Increase Legion size


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The current cap is 72 members, I'm not sure why.   If it was 100 it would help keep folks in the Legion without frequent roster management.

Ever since the overhaul with Coin production, plus daily and weekly quests for Legion Essence, there has been a push to eliminate smaller legions as it takes considerable group effort to advance and make use of the Legion buff tree.  

Combine that with the smaller playerbase for 2023 and the fact the server has been open for 2 years now. Most players have several charcters developed, and it is nice to allow  members to have 1 or 2 alts in the Legion.  

Plus some people go on vacation or have other IRL things do deal with, and it become extra work to check the roster daily, find out who to kick and who to keep so we have room for new recruits or returning members.

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