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8.4 Part 3 Update on August 22: Ranking Season Change Notice


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  • Aion Team

The following Rankings and Season will be ending earlier than scheduled due to the 8.4 Part 3 Update releasing on August 22.

  • Empyrean Lord’s (Vaizel/Triniel) Sacred Relic Season End Date: August 22
    (The displayed end date on the client differs from the actual relic season)
    IMPORTANT: All Existing Empyrean Lord's Holy Water will be Deleted when the 8.4 Part 3 Update Arrives on August 22.
    Please consume all the Empyrean Lord’s Holy Water before the season ends.
  • PvP (Arena of Discipline): July 26 - August 22
  • Crucible Spire: August 17 - August 22
  • Glory Point: July 26 - August 22
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It's great that you edited the post and highlighted it with orange, thanks.

Please make sure this post gets linked or this information is advocated on the main page of the website ASAP.

Assuming there will be an update page talking about 8.4 part 3, add it into that. 👍

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I know the upcoming patch is just going to be an Apsaranta renown reset, but there's a couple things I'm hoping you could look at for the future...

1. Pradeth and Silona fortress gates/siege boss are insanely tanky. No one can do Silona or Pradeth for siege because they'll either lose all their other forts because it takes so long to kill it, or if they start in Inggison/Gelkmaros the siege will time out and everyone gets kicked. Hopefully you could look into adjusting the HP we previously had them at, before they got reverted to their original health, meant for a server with 2k people on it. :(


2. Will the gold sand shop ever be updated? The kinah shop last got an update around last year adding Strong Experience Extractors and Ancient Potions which were really nice, but the Costume and Gold Ingot shops have been untouched forever now. Is there any chance of adding new armor/headgear/wing skins to the Costume or Gold Ingot shops?


3.  I'm just really hoping we could get this event some time again: https://www.aiononline.com/en-us/news/harvest-festival-hanbok-pixel

We got this event to farm for pixel transformations once 3 years ago, and ever since then they've only been available through paying in the BCM. Also wondering if there might ever be away to get other BCM transformations in game, like the Cat Doctors / Hanbok Sheep / Winter Foxes?


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@Wissp Hello, I would like to propose something for the BCM and to make it annual as well as the legendary combination event, to obtain a box with a final transformation contract of 4 types (Tiamat, Ereshkigal etc) but direct purchase, so the users who are very below average it can increase its damage and collection, and that would motivate other users to play again, apart from the fact that it would be profitable for a fair price and that you can only buy 1 per account, since many do not have all those transformations that they must be basic in an account for the time they have and that the BCM events are only luck and they do not get anything in the end and frustrate the consumer and cause them to stop playing, only for a short time they should put that contact box of ultimate transformation 4 type for direct sale, I assure you that even Latinos will do everything possible to buy a box to be able to be with a minimum of extra damage, without affecting the great P2w of the game is just a suggestion, hopefully the community Support this suggestion in order to improve the game experience by liking this publication so that they take it as an option.

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On 9/1/2023 at 5:09 AM, GenericUser42084 said:

Where is my    Incomplete Yornforged Weapon Selection Box  from inventory ???   Event  Shugo Coin Event Pass Season 2  dont sey this box will be deleted , you deleted this box ... pls restore to all player back.

@WisspIt's true! you have blatantly removed the Incomplete Yornforged Weapon Selection Box from inventories. Please, make your work useful and immediately repair this error since there was no inscription in those boxes to delete them, DO NOT SCAM US ANYMORE!

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