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Weekly Server Maintenance - September 5, 2023 [Aion]


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  • Aion Team

Greetings Daevas!

Tomorrow we will be holding our regularly scheduled maintenance for Aion.
Downtime will begin at 3PM PDT / 5PM CDT / 10PM UTC, and will conclude after approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

  • Summer Vacation Galore Event Ends
    • Event Item/NPC Removal
  • Jumping Daeva Event Ends
  • Apsaranta Shugo Legion Ends
    • Event Item/NPC Removal on September 12
      • [Event] Shugoling Legion Coin
  • Yornunerk’s Workshop Promotion – Paragon Rewards Promotion Distribution
    • September 12 - We extend our formal apologies for the delay
  • Daily Luna Material Gift Survey Begins
    • Duration: September 5 – September 19
  • Empyrean Lord’s Gift Login Event Begins
    • Duration: September 5 – September 19
  • Paragon Equipment Promotion Begins
    • Duration: September 5 – September 19
      • Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone – 200 BCC
      • Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle x30 – 4000 BCC
      • Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle x50 – 7000 BCC
      • +5 Paragon Equipment Bundle – 3500 BCC
      • +6 Paragon Equipment Bundle – 5000 BCC
      • +7 Paragon Equipment Bundle – 6800 BCC
  • Store Update: Autumn Casual Outfit
    • Duration: September 5 – September 19
      • Autumn Casual Outfit – 640 BCC
      • Autumn Casual Hair Accessory – 320 BCC
      • Autumn Casual Bundle – 920 BCC

Known Issue:

  • Some of the Summer Vacation Galore Event Monsters/Effects remain in Sanctum/Pandemonium
    • To be removed on September 12

Thank you!
The Aion Team

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Hi. On september was not Aion birthday? Or doesn't matter anymore?

Previouse 2 months stormwing was kind of useless cause you rng to make + was zero for me. Maybe Ncsoft should work on that cause is pretty frustrating,  before you sell on real money those blessed paragon.

Anyway i wrote actually to ask if is possible to put truestorm gear on craft like talon etc? Maybe if is possible to unlock those gold and purple transformation that is now only on real money, to have a chance to get form combination to make it more free to play. Who knows maybe some poeple would return if you make a way not only sell things on real money but actually help players. 

Hope a reply and i thank you in advance

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All crafted gear you can get in game. Talon you can upgrade form yellow to red..or drop form lovely brigadiers but mostly is purple and we return to upgrade..Soverein you get in instances..but instances for truestorm are hard..few people can make that..probably max 10 people from asmo side. That is why i am asking if truestorm will be put to craft

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Guys, you have removed incomplete Yornforged Weapon Selection Boxes from inventories very unfairly. We understand that the boxes that were going to be eliminated would be those of this event, since they made a notice on their page:

But they have also removed the boxes from this previous event:
This is very unfair for many of us who spent real money buying moons to obtain those boxes, since there was no inscription on them announcing a future elimination nor a notice on their page. Please return the boxes we got at that previous event.

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