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Classic Server Maintenance - December 26, 2023


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Holiday Server Maintenance - December 26, 2023

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/ed43817d

Estimated Downtime
~1 hour and 45 minutes


Most of our team is on Holiday Break this week. Standard server maintenance will be carried out. All Holiday Events will continue and I will update you if there are any other specific notes later. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday!

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Hi @Rownen

I see once again that you have failed to listen to the community as I pointed out last week, and the week before that, and several other weeks before that. We once again have another week where we get given no new events. The *Holiday Events* you are talking about continuing are clicking on a box once a day to get 100 event stigma shards, or with a 0.1% chance probably, a single platinum medal.

I'm not really sure what to say at this point. Patience is wearing thin. This was a prime opportunity to take advantage of a large portion of your community having time off they usually don't, and they are choosing to play other games instead of Aion as they have no incentive to log in, no fun events or drop rate increases to make it worthwhile to spend your time in this game for people who are more casual players.

I write all of my posts from the perspective of the BG of the most active Asmodian side legion. I know what I'm talking about. I see the population. I can make assumptions about what people want and what people don't want based on talking to the players, something you seem hesitant to do except in vague approximations like "We're Listening!" on the discord server.

What we DO want: Increased drop rate events, PvP events, hell, even log-in events at least give people a reason to stay online and potentially join a group they see they are interested in.  Actual proof that a GM exists (Tarzaned?) besides logging in almost a month ago now to advertise a crappy Black Friday sale. Maybe a fix for the Bellator Agent Battle that you released months ago now that is still unkillable and bugged, teleporting all over the map during the fight? Have any of you actually seen what happens at that agent battle? I assume not.

What we DON'T want: You continuing to kick the can down the road to *well maybe next week* for something interesting in this game. Useless, zero interaction so called event quests. A complete lack of care given to your community.

I'm not wishing ya'll happy holidays. You get paid to do a job that you are failing at. Do better.



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There are so many alternate ways that NC can make money. Let's be honest, that's what NC cares about, making money. You can bring on all the new content you want, but so long as the fundamentals are broken in the game, it's going to crash or stay low pop. I've been playing for over a year now, and while I do seriously love the game, enough is enough. We pay a subscription, we pay a premium, and we may even pay some more. How much more do you want from us NC? The few hundred of us. It's all inflated. 

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I mean, hey NC,
haven't you noticed that with every good event the population has increased extremely and in weeks like this one
the population (on average) is lower than usual?

Do you not notice the simplest things or do you do it on purpose?
I have to assume so because you're doing nothing, absolutely nothing, about it.
Man, if I had worked like that, my boss would have replaced me with someone who did his job properly.

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hey, this felt like a weird end of year for aion, there have been so op events but, to be honest, maybe the game's population is different in terms of age than it was in the past, and in my case, it is good to have a relaxed end of the year, in the other hand, there are still bugs and issues that should have been corrected already and there is where i would like to see progress at least, basic things like the ost being played in all the content, or the annoying game not closing completely blocking the launcher, should be fixed already, so please, show more love acting on the issues.

By the way, lockboxes is being horrible, even after the update that was suposed to change the items you can get.



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Just saying my piece on this..

I know NCWest has other games to monitor and I get that. But why is NA following a different event path from the rest? Isn't the point of the classic remake was to also do things right by catering to the community? I mean if we are also talking of wanting increased sales, then it would be smarter to give worth while events that help players out with developing other characters or their mains. Stigma shards isn't an ideal event reward for anything, that is the solid truth. We should be getting events like what you had for the instances along with events going towards PVP. The whole game is based off the PvE/PvP community coming together and the blend of both is why people even play this game. Even with the games old style graphics, you have players who love and enjoy the game due to its core aspects.

Now, I'm not saying EVERY event should be a golden ball buster, but holiday events should be SPOILING your community with these things. Like 100% drop rate events since the game is gear driven along with more ways for lvl 90+ enhancement stones and high end mana stone selections. Then we have the PvP side where you should at least let people choose one character to login and get an endgame pvp weapon of their choice and MAYBE an armor piece or two. I get events like that were done in the past recent months, but it also drove players to log on and get those things and play. Just my simple take on the whole "event" aspect. This game doesn't have the player count like it did in the past where you guys can just say "Eh they'll deal with it.". You need to find ways to show that the glittering shiny things are worth coming back to the game to play for.


Remember, before being DEVS or even business people, I believe you were once players too. I don't know where and how folks lose that inner player like excitement but I suggest finding a way back to that so you can actually connect with your community. Also, being vocal would also help.

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