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Level up old character or keep playing new one?


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I've been out of the game for so long... I could really use some advice.

I have a level 56 chanter that I played long ago (she just leveled up from the old 55 cap tonight when I logged in and talked to an NPC). I rerolled because A) I forgot a lot of stuff and with so many skills and things changed, I thought it might be easier to start fresh and relearn the class, and B) a new character would get all the event gear and obviously the stuff on my old chanter is pretty outdated.

What I didn't realize is how much AP my old character is sitting on, or that she's almost entirely in abyss gear. Her main pieces are all +10 Elite Guardian Centaurion and her accessories (with the exception of one earring and her hat) are Guardian Tribunus. Her staff is a Miragent fused with the abyss staff and that too is +10. Back in the day that was decent but I know there's much better stuff now.

According to the tool tip, her main pieces can be purified to Elite Guardian Tribunus for petra medals. Is that gear worth having these days? Additionally, she'll have a little over 630k AP if I turn in relics (I had no idea there were so many stuffed away in pet bags) and she ended up with a bunch of petras after I converted the old medals, so I've got that to work with. What she doesn't have is a lot of kinah by today's standards because I gave that away when I quit. Does it make sense to concentrate on leveling her rather than the new chanter, who's in a mix of Mystic PvE gear?  It seems like it does, but because I'm so unfamiliar with the current game environment, I don't know where to start :/

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The gear you would obtain from purifying your current lvl 40 set (to a lvl 50 set) is not worth having. To be clear, any gear under 65 is not worth farming for or investing in (except very specific cases of concentration and healing boost gear) because you will outlevel it, and get way better gear than it, too quickly (a matter of hours).

630k AP is quite low by today's standards as it is not enough to buy even one piece of level 70 AP gear (678k). AP gear, along with most if not all gear after level 66, is now fully tradeable (works with soul binds, which are removable with (new) unbinding stones if needed) between accounts and characters, so you could potentially get 50k AP more and buy yourself a small piece (shoes, shoulers or gloves) of AP 70, for a starter PvP set.

I'd suggest continuing to gear up the character with the event/campaign gear, it's honestly a great recent addition to make levelling and PvE, up to about lvl 70, easier.

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