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Classic Server Maintenance - January 2, 2024


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Not much to say this week that I haven't said the last 4 weeks. Not worth my time. Just as this game is very clearly showing its not really worth anybodies time, or money. Hope the GM's and CM enjoyed their paid vacation from their job and are hard at work securing us new content like a 15% drop rate buff when they come to advertise their next sale. I have other games to play this week, as most of my friends do as well, so after dailies it will probably be a ghost town (as usual).

@Roseae Its just very sad that once again an individual comes in and promises the world and fails to deliver anything. Communication is useless without action. Three weeks of communication of a very clear problem with zero actions taken shows a clear lack of care.

Thanks for nothing,


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I'm  not making excuses but surprised most don't realize they run on skeleton crews in Na and Korea during December/Holiday season.  It has been that way since Aion Launched in NA 14 years ago and is why never see patches in December. We all know Na cannot do anything without Korean Devs.   So I expected nothing to get really done over the Christmas Holiday season as it never has as the staff working is for emergencies only.  So as long as you can login to game don't expect anything.

Now what they should of done before hand is maybe script in AP and XP buff for holidays to give player base a lil something besides the current events.  Something small and easy to say no changes this month but here.  Also would of served the purpose of allowing any new players or people leveling alts a catch up mechanism while off over the holidays.  Something Small but also easy for them to have done.

Anyway don't post here much just sharing what know since played since na launch on and off.

Hope everyone here had a good Holiday season except those in Bunny Mafia 😉

Happy new year all

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You know if the whales stopped throwing their money at them, they would have definitely fixed things like the drop rate and most likely have better events.  No need for them to do that if they are already getting fed.

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When 3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/fd8eed49

Estimated Downtime ~2 hours and 15 minutes (Tentative) Notes

Happy New Year all!


  • The team returns to the office this week!
  • Fixed the Issue where Abyssal Splinter Entrances were no longer Present in Gelkmaros/Inggison


The team returns this week??

They've been gone all year.

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Hell, honestly, i expected something to at least motivate the pve, cuz pvp is so nyerked xDDD.

This days i even started to think, hell, maybe i need to make a cleric so i can be a tank, a healer or a dps if needed, and guess what, now i actually think game should offer an IA cleric for all the groups so recruits dont take average 1 hour to form to run anything with LFG.

please for real, make something to get players reasons to play, it feels so empty, really sad.

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