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Of course it would. 

Though I am wondering where this is coming from. Artifacts in the abyss aren't always vulnerable. The cpt needs to spawn for the artifact to be flipped. The cpt does spawn on a timer, so if you know exactly when it last flipped you can predict when the artifact will be flippable again. "Allowing" the artifact to go Balaur also keeps it from the opposite faction. But tbh, if the siege goes the full hour, chances are that the opposite faction will have the artifact at some point and be able to pop it. Hellfire isn't a death sentence any more, though. Several classes can keep themselves alive. If you have enough HP and a good potion, you can keep yourself alive. If you are near your cleric and they are prepared, they can keep you alive. Or you can sit under the Battle Kisk and survive. 

As to why someone wouldn't take the artifact, my question in return would be.. if you saw the artifact vulnerable, why didn't you take it? 

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