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Wrapping Scrolls


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Could someone help me out with this.  I can find loads of info on Wrapping scrolls, but I can't find out how you get them?  Can I craft them, buy them from a vendor, is it only with N coins or what??

These are the things I'm on about.



Thanks for any help folks.


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i guess the only source of wrapping scrolls is Events and BCM, anyway those scrolls are really specific in what they can trade or not and some items are not wrappable until certain conditions are met, and the one you linked from the database probably is a test item or something like that, coz i don't recall any mythic items below lv 50. 

I have seen another post of yours and it seems you are new here, let me tell you, unless you are really crazy about a rare skin or you want an OP weapon for a secondary character, there is no practical reason to invest your kinah and time in any weapon below lv 65, coz lv 66 gear onwards have stats a lot higher.

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