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Hello - I am someone who played since launch in 2009 and recently started a new character for fun.  

I know Aion has streamlined some quests since the beginning, but noticed some more "important" basic quests seem to be missing.  These quests would be for things like titles and also the Krall/Balaur language quests.

I understand some quests have been "hidden" but I thought that just meant the icons. When I talk to the NPCs that I know have these quests, nothing shows up.  Are the quests gone, or do I need to figure out how to get them to show up as options?



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Alright so I'm not sure if this will work for the specific quests you're referring to but there is indeed an option related to seeing certain quests. It's under Game Options -> Interface and is called Display Low Level Quests. If the quests still exist, you should be able to see them when you have this option enabled. Even if you're on-level for the quests still tick this box for good measure.



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