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Shuttle Pro V2 and Aion


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Hello, I was wondering if it possible to use the Shuttle Pro V2 to keybind some skills on it when playing Aion.

The Shuttle Pro V2 is a device (liek a secondary mouse) for editing mainly which allows to set some keyboard shortcuts. Basically you select the program throgh its launch file and then on the Shuttle Pro app you can select the shortcuts. I think it's perfectly possible to do this with Aion because I can assign a button of the shuttle pro to act like if I'm pressing number 1 on the keyboard. Assign a skill to number 1 and it's done.


The problem is that Aion is launched through the NCSoft launcher thing. So if I assign that program to the shuttle pro it won't work in game. To make this clear I explain the process of assigning a shortcut to the shuttle pro:

Let's say I want to assign some shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop. Well I open the shuttle pro configuation app and click on create new settings. It opens the file browser asking for which program I want the settings to be created. I go to my prgrams folder and selecet Photoshop.exe and it's done. Then I can just keymap the shuttle buttons very easily. So I want button 1 of the shuttle to save my project, I select button 1 on the shuttle configuration app and type in the field CTRL+S. When I hit button 1 it saves the photoshop project. When Photoshop is launched the shuttle pro automatically recognize the program and active the settings file created before. That's why it asks me to choose a directory as a first step.


So is there a file (maybe a .bat) that I can for this purpose for Aion?


Edit: I can't select a .bat file with the shuttle configuation app apparently.. only .exe I guess

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