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crucible spire floor 40

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so I don't know if it's just my toon being too fat >.< but last week  jumping on the table to not get teh debuff from modor was easy peezy..but now I failed twice cause no matter what I do,I can't get on top of it .I tried  jumping from the lower tables to the higher ones as well and still nothing.I tried standing under  the table still debuff..How am I supposed to avoid it if I can't jump on top? Anyone else having this issue?

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and I got this reply Q.Q.....as far as I know it didn't help me 

Hello there,

Regarding your inquiry, I have confirmed that you would need to be at least at the Center underneath a platform that is glowing greenish blue to nullify the Vengeful Orb debuff.

I hope this information helps. If the issue still persists, please feel free to let us know.


GM Saika
NCSOFT Support Team

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For Support's standards, that is quite a good reply. :P Just outdated.

The way Witch Modor works now, remember how there were platforms with a red glow? If you stand on those, you now get the Vengeful Orb debuff. The trick is that the green glow platform ,the safe one, turns in into as red glow platform shortly after Vengeful Orb is casted. So, what you do now, is similar to Mirash Sanctum. You go on top and then jump off after Vengeful Orb is used (the giant orb above her has to fall to the ground before you jump off). And, yes, on top, not underneath anymore, ever since 5.8.

I just tested it, and I was able to reach every single platform as well. Just make sure you start jumping form the lowest ones on the far back.

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Exactly, when you are down the platforms are red, if you go on top of them you get the debuff, this is to prevent people from being up in the ramps while they fight modor to be ready, when he starts casting his orb, the ramps' light all go off for a few seconds and one will go green, you have to jump on it as soon as possible, when modor finishes her skill, you have to jump off the specific ramp because in a few seconds it will turn with red lights and will give you the debuff.

So now you have more things to take into consideration,

1) while you fight stay off the ramps because they can give you debuff
2) When the boss casts orb  you jump on the green one
3) you stay on the green one until she casts her orb, once it is cast you HAVE to jump off it.


P.S. I think ranking in crucible is broken again.

Edited by Arxaggelos-KT

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