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How is Aion 2018, Core open?


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15 minutes ago, Toxicity-DN said:

How is pvp? I am 63 with prov weapon +5 accessories. How is aion doing, or am i better off staying away., Use to love this game

like No other.



it's ok rn... 6.0 is what is going to be the sauce.

I would say log in and prepare... make sure to sell unnecessary things as kinah will get converted to new kinah!  that 6.0 info thread is very useful!


edit: I think the core is back open not too sure... but definitely will be in 6.0 if not already!

editx2: make sure to work on aetherforging from what I am reading all crafts are useless and that will be the main way!

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If you are planing to do pvp in open world, I would w8 till being lvl 70 and having at least a pvp weapon, with your current gear at your lvl, you wouldnt be doing any damage, and the opposite faction will be killing you really fast. how ever you can start going to Arenas to gain AP for the Abyss lvl 70 or 75 gear, and Valor insignia to get the arena pvp gear lvl 70 and going to sieges to get the Spinel Medals (or spinel fragments) to get the abyss gear.

The Core is back, with sieges for Divine every Saturdays.



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